MTG Dragon’s Maze on Sale Today

Dragon maize corn dragon
Dragon Maize

Magic the Gathering’s new set, Dragon’s Maze, releases today.  Let’s check it out:

The plane of Ravnica is home to ten ancient two-color guilds. Return to Ravnica showed off five of those guilds: the white-blue Azorius, the blue-red Izzet, the black-red Rakdos, the black-green Golgari, and the green-white Selesnya. Gatecrash featured the other five: the white-black Orzhov, the blue-black Dimir, the red-green Gruul, the red-white Boros, and the green-blue Simic. Now, for the first time, all ten guilds come together as they search for the solution to the magical enigma known as the Implicit Maze.

Dragon’s Maze features 156 black-bordered cards, including randomly inserted premium versions of all cards in the set. Dragon’s Maze is available in booster packs, intro packs, and fat packs.

More info on this set can be found here.  We are FULLY stocked as I write this, so come on by the shop or order online while supply lasts!

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  1. theros planeswalker

    Hey guys, for all you magic players out there, I know you’re looking forward to doing a Dragon’s Maze prerelease. I was thinking of going Orzhov for the cheap creature/extort/removal components, and hoping to get a decent mystery guild ally. I’d probablly splash selesnya and golgari stuff with it, what do all think about what sets look good?.

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