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So SHAMELESS PLUG (I did warn y’all), this time next week I’ll be in Chicago for C2E2, which is exciting for me at the very least.C2E2 isn’t as toy-news friendly as NYCC or SDCC, so the recap will probably ended up being chock full of cosplay, comics, and celebrities. I apologize for the excessive use of words starting with “C”, that was not planned, I swear. Anywho, let’s look at some not-Batman toys shall we? We’ve gotten in a bunch of stuff that not necessarily related to dude wearing spandex that I want to talk about.

One of my favorite animated television shows, the Venture Brothers, is due to return on May 19th on Adult Swim. This is awesome, because it seems like forever since we’ve gotten a new season and I need my fix oh-so bad now that Archer is done for the year. And as fate would have it, the 3.75″ Venture Brother figures by Bif Bang Pow! are finally out. While the older MEGO-esque VB toys were cool, we all know 3.75 toys are the new hotness, and yes, we need a Brock Samson in the same scale as GI Joes dammit! Wave 1 consists of both the Venture boys, Dean and Hank, their bodyguard Brock Samson, and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, with an additional 3 figures due out this year. Sculpt wise, the figures are pretty good for 3.75″ers. Not as articulate as Marvel Universe figures, but I’m not sure if the demo-graph who will be buy these toys will care (“I DO!” Chris mashes angrily on the keyboard). They go for about $12 a pop, come with 1 accessory each and in my opinion kind of neat. Obviously you should buy them now before the show starts back up, and to ensure we get more figures in the future. Chris wants him a Billy Quiz Boy Genius figure! Also about a dozen other figures that may lead into a angry talk with his wife.

Since I’m sick of typing about Batman, I decided to see swing by the store yesterday and see what else we have in stock. Not to self: remember that NECA does more than video game figures in the future. Apparently the company has been pumping out some awesome¬† (not to mention horrifying) figures based on last year’s “Prometheus”. I know fans are torn on the movie’s quality ( I ,for the record, liked it), but yo, these figures are legit. I don’t think we have too many Michal Fassbender ( Mike F. Assbender if you will) figures out there, but the David-8 figure does a real good job of capturing his likeness. There’s 2 series of Prometheus figures out, with said David-8, the Xenomorph looking Deacon, Chair Suit Engineer and Pressure Suit Engineer rounding out the the basic deluxe figures. They retail for a little over $20 each. There’s also the creepy as hell Trilobite vs Battle Damaged Engineer with goes for over $40 obviously. These figures are great for creepy out friends and loved ones.

After pimping out some horror toys, let’s close this out on something cuter yes? Fate/Zero, the prequel to the hit anime Fate/Stay Night, is finally seeing the merchandise push the original series got, which surprises no one. We currently have in stock both petite Fate/Zero figurines, and what appears to be faux-Paper Craft figures. They’re both blind box, and super cute, so give us your money for them. Both retail for about $11 each, and again, look how they cute they are! Support cute stuff. Or I’ll talk about horror stuff again. Or worse, Batman.

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