Master Grade Duel Gundam Preview

This kit, and the one I bought with it, are just a testament to horrible model kit buying habits. A few months ago, I needed some new Master Grades to build once I had my current backlog cleared out, so I went with a pair that actually went with each other. I received them in early November, finally, at about the same time as my GM Snipers. I bought a G-Armor shortly afterwards. After I did that, I bought the Crossbone Gundam. And I got the Guncannon from my friend. Then my Nu Gundam came in. Then I bought the Sinanju. I’ve done all of those in time since I’ve had this kit purchased. Now I’m finally getting to it, thank god.

The Duel Gundam was the first of the new Gundam SEED models to be released in honor of the TV show’s tenth anniversary. Quite appropriate, considering that the Duel Gundam was basically the “prototype” for the other four initial Gundams. The Duel was never one of my favorites, but its pilot Yzak is easily my favorite character in the Cosmic Era, so I figured I might as well get his Gundam (and his best friend’s as well).

This model introduced us to the SEED X-Frame, the inner skeleton used on all of the new SEED MGs (save for Aegis, of course). I’ve already experienced this frame with the MG Blitz Gundam, and I have to say, I quite like it. As the first kit to utilize this frame, I believe it’s the only one so far to use all of its pieces. Some people don’t like universal parts like these, but I love them. It adds a more uniform look to the kits and makes them feel more like they would in the show’s actual universe.

The shield is also designed like a more “universal piece”. I guess an MG Strike 2.0 was inevitable from the start! I’m looking forward to it, myself. Makes me glad I never bought the 1.0, ha.

One thing about this kit I’m really looking forward to is the Assault Shroud. Not only will it be my first “full armor” kit at 1/100 scale, it also leaves me with the opportunity to use my favorite paint color: Intermediate Blue! Awww yeah.

Once again, I’ve got the nice third-party decals from SamuelDecal. I’ve always found the custom waterslides for the new SEED MGs to be pretty cool. They all have these markings that wrap around parts of the bodies, but they’re asymmetrical. This sheet actually includes decals so, if one were inclined to, you could make them all symmetrical. I’m not into it, personally. I like the asymmetrical look, as I feel it adds a bit of uniqueness to the designs.

The Duel Gundam, while far from my favorite design from the series, is going to be a great project. I hope to build all five of the initial Gundams plus Freedom, and, if they do it; Justice. Buying this guy and his partner already put me ahead of the first five Wing Gundams, ha. Remember to look for this guy whenever you happen to find yourself at FPNYC!

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