Master Grade Sinanju Version Ka Build Log-FINSHED

It’s done. I have conquered the beast.

No, this thing wasn’t a beast. The Unicorn Gundam is a beast. The Sinanju is more like a full-blown demon.

There are those kits that we fear. We know that when they’re completed, they’ll be a beautiful piece worthy of any collection. They tend to be the big, huge, complicated kits: Full Armor Unicorn, the Sinanju, the Kshatriya, EX-S Gundam, GP03 Dendrobium, and so on. They’re designs we find amazing, but feel we can’t do justice to them, and it can be pretty sad how so many people never end up doing them!

Well, I’m pleased to announce that I have kicked the Master Grade Sinanju’s ass.

It may have some obnoxious little imperfections that peeve me off, but honestly, it’s good enough for me. But I swear this kit tried to kill me, even after it was finished—somehow, it found a way to give me a migraine. Yeah, it’s that evil.

The backpack adds the true silhouette to the kit, and really makes it, in my opinion. The thrusters can extend, and they look pretty awesome in either position. The propellant tanks were a serious nuisance; however, as they required sanding and I absolutely hate painting any kind of cylinder. I swear, there’s no way to win!

The beam rifle is simple, but quite nice. Its long profile makes it look very intimidating, and it poses excellently with it.

The shield is a lot of fun, even if the gold details are nearly mind-numbing. I threw an extra decal on the top of it because, hey, why not.

The shield can be mounted traditionally, or hung from a post in the shoulder armor. I much prefer the latter.

Inside it are all sorts of little goodies, including a pair of tomahawks and a beam pistol.

The tomahawks can swing down for some crazy stabby shield weapon.

They can be used with two different types of blades, AND can be combined to form some kind of terrifying super weapon! Geez.

The beam pistol is removable and can be held in the kits hands, albeit a bit awkwardly because of its lack of an actual handle, but it’s really a sidearm more than anything.

One beam saber is stored inside of each forearm armor. They’re pretty simple, and kind of boring compared to the tomahawks. The blades are cool, however.

Because I like going The Extra Mile, I bought the custom action base for this kit. Really, it’s just a red and black base with some extra stickers on it for the Sinanju, Neo Zeon, and Full Frontal (tee hee). The kit is joined to the action base by a simple connector, much like the ones on the 2.0 MGs and current SEED MGs.

So all in all, the Sinanju has been a challenge, from its sheer volume of pieces to its fragile plastic choices. Mine sure as hell isn’t perfect, but I’m okay with that. The end result is beautiful, and I recommend this project to any kind of experienced modeler. Remember though, if you want your own, you might just want to wait until FPNYC gets the new OVA version, which hopefully, will be out soon!

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