Time for some incredible comics! I thought last week had some good books, but it is like the amazing titles from last week were bombarded by Gamma Radiation and then given an atomic wedgie! These are some hulked out, sensational She-Titles, here!

DC is bringing it’s a-Game with #17’s for Action Comics (Grant Morrison’s last issue, I understand), Detective Comics, Green Arrow and Green Lantern. These #17 on Green Arrow and Green Lantern are GREAT jumping on points. Read these books yourself to find out how easy it is being green.   I once ate some pretty smelly asparagus, and I can tell you, it’s not that easy peeing green, either.  


As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also launching a new title with Justice League of America #1. This is a strange team, including Catwoman and Hawkman. That’s going to end real well. They should have a team of all natural enemy animal capes, Like Catwoman, Mighty Mouse, Underdog, The Flying Mongoose and COBRA Commander. It could only last as a one-shot, but BOY, what a one-shot!

AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, DC is also publishing a collection of Alan Davis’ work on Legends of the Dark Knight! Alan Davis is one of the greats with a bold drawing style reminiscent of the silver age but unique to himself. For my money, NO ONE alive today draws better Superheroes.  Don’t get me wrong, others may have more style, but Davis tells such well paced, clean stories with great poses and just the right amount of retro.   Few modern artists can draw the underwear on the outside and not make it look outlandish.


There are probably twelve more DC books I could plug this week, but let’s give the other kids some space, shall we? Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake #2 is out this week, as well as a new book from Humberto Ramos called Fairy Quest #1, Goon #44 and Hellboy in Hell #3.   These last two books are from Dark Horse who, incidentally, publish the very splendid and worthwhile Dr. Gordbort Presents VICTORY,  Scientific Adventure Violence for Young Men and Literate Women. Dr. Gordbort’s is a nifty little tome of well illustrated, Steam-Punk infused colonial  genocide, wherein Stiff-upper-lipped British boys fly to Venus to show those pasty green savage “What-For!” It is the brainchild of WETA illustrator Greg Broadmore, the lead concept designer on District 9, and it is more fun than you could shake a hookah at!


I recently caught the new Hobbit film, and I loved it. Well, what I could see of it. As you may know, I’ve had some problems with my cybernetic eyes. I didn’t feel like paying for the 3D ticket, so I only saw it in 2D. Unfortunately, the two dimensions I managed to catch it in were Length and Depth, so it always looked like a flat, glowing line which swords, arrows and magic would occasionally pop out of.   I’m going to pick up this month’s issue of Alter Ego (#115) which is going to be a special issue focusing on the history of 3D comics. Maybe that will tell me what I did wrong.

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