We get it Square. You like money.

Square-Enix, I under you ma. You have stock-holders you have to impress. You gotta make sure that green is coming in, despite the fact that the Japanese gaming scene isn’t looking so hot these days. So you’ve gotten into the collectibles market, making  some toys on popular games and print money. I have no problem with that Squenix, but man, slow down on the releases. There’s only so much I can cover in a month’s times (Also ignore this, I need your insane release schedule as article fodder!).

Sometime during the holiday onslaught the company released another 2 figures. Yes, that’s right. 2 more figures. In addition to the several hundred other ones they popped out. There’s Agent 47 from Square-Enix’s Hitman: Absolution, a great little game that dropped this past November, and Lupo,(Karen LesProux) from Capcom’s terrible cash-grab from last March Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City.

I know you’re all tired of me singing the company’s praises in regards to their releases, but there’s a reason why they’re the best selling video game toy line on the market.. Agent 47 is flawless, except for may his weird elbow joints. The infamous assassin comes with his trademark dual pistols, a variant hand, and a sniper rifle. Lupo/Karen/Whatever is a really good figure too, despite coming from a horrid game. She comes with an assault rifle, a handgun, an axe, a pair of open hands and a pair of trigger hands. Like most Play-Arts, these 2 will set you back $60-$70 each.

Another cool release that may have gone unnoticed during the last few weeks to you is the Bandai Vile D-Arts figure. The baddies from Megaman X may not be as flashy as X or Zero, but he is not without his charm. It’s a sharp looking figure, expertly crafted and given an excellent paint job. He’s also armed to the gill with accessories- a selection of variant hand parts, 2 shoulder cannons, a knee cannon, shot effect parts, and most importantly a glass of an alcoholic beverage. That’s awesome, and more collectibles need to come with booze (preferably real booze!). X and Zero flew off our shelves, and I fully expect Vile will too. You’ll want to pick him up ASAP.

Hey look it’s some new DC Uni,er, Unlimited figures! And it’s….not the line-up I told of from 2 years ago. Huh. Well, let’s run with it. New 52 Superman is joined by the Flash and Hawkman, which actually makes for a really cool looking figure. Both Hawkman and Superman are actually 100% new parts, which is nice. Superman’s face is a little off sculpt wise though, which is a bit beat, but hey, at least Hawkman looks dope.

As for the Flash, he’s a mixture of new parts, and old (much like every Flash figures Mattel has released since they put one out). But he does come with attachable lighting bolts to make running poses look cooler, which I guess is nice considering this is the 4th time Mattel has tried selling you this figure. Anyway, if you care, they’re $20 bucks a pop. Hopefully wave 3 will be a step up, considering this wave is a bit of a let down compared to the initial wave (with the exception of Hawkman.)

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