Get down with The Disco Exorcist!

Horror Boobs and Wild Eye Releasing present…
Spectacle Theater 124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn
Between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street.

Through the most unholy of unions Horror Boobs and Wild Eye Releasing have joined their evil Funky forces to bestow upon you, the unsuspecting viewer, a film filled to the max with Satanic Swingers and Disco Death!

Ultimate sex machine Rex Romanski has loved and left the wrong babe, but with a track record like his he was bound to bag a Black Magic babe who’s obsessed and possessed! Can Rex figure out a way shake this chick before it puts a damper on his next target, the porn star Amoreena Jones? This is seriously one of the best new throwback flicks I have laid my filthy little eyes on, 100% Horror Boobs approved with the humor and hooters flowing faster than you can say Clu Gulager!

Horror Boobs
are a NYC based group of perverts that not only revel in the bargain bin boobs of the Video Boom but have also been known to expose their Spectacle spectators to newer independent films that may have been under the radar and hopefully go under the bra!

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