Part 2:Somewhere Around The Number Ten Best Comics That Nobody Told You About

PART 2! The exciting sequel and conclusion to my best of 2012 comics nobody told you about.

PART 1 Here


Nobrow 7 is bonkers good. Work from Jillian Tamaki, Luke Pearson, and one of my favorites Anders Nilsen (his story about Poseidon, too funny) , it’s by far the best collection they’ve put out so far so check it out….Been a big year for Nobrow (that’s also the name of the press) since they finally started wide distribution to the States (they’re from England…). They’re my favorite publisher of comics right now strictly for the amount of diverse books they put out in style and format. Check out their  website, and read Dockwood, Fight 1 & 2, and Space Race. Check out really all of their books but those ones mentioned are at least from this year so they’re still on theme.

Jane Mai’s comics are almost adorable. Sunday in the Park With Boys is not so much adorable….Mai does some beautiful drawing in these pages, soft dry brush and simple figures some times giving way to complicated textures and a centipede that intersects across gutters and panels telling a separate story. This book is yet another of awesome comics from Koyama Press this year, Annie Koyama and Nobrow folks, check em out.

Face Man by Clara Bessijelle is something else. Honestly. A wide variety of textures and decretive elements tempered with an obvious love of drawing,  and a story that moves with the same pace as old memories, with the same irregular clarity that those memories have. It’s put out by Domino Books, a small publishing house out of Brooklyn that makes some of the best art comics (for lack of a better term…) out there. Also if someone could explain Space Basket to me I’d be forever in your debt. I love Space Basket but I think it’s because I’m slowly losing my mind and I need some reassurance…

Moving on…

Corpse On The Imjin & Came The Dawn

Wally Wood is one of my favorites from the old EC days. His hyper realistic renderings and absolutely wild inking (effing bonkers folks, soooo much zip-a-tone) only Harvey Kurtzman could steal my heart from all the flash and pazas that Wood has. Nothing beats those old Kurtman war stories with all their rubber limbed goodness.

Okay folks, my shifts over at work and I’m just way to excited to be here tomorrow for Christmas Eve so just stop by Forbidden Planet and I can hand you a stack of comics for your non-denomninational holiday celebrations. Who needs loved ones anyways?

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