Forbidden Planet NYC 2012 Christmas and New Years Hours

Two more days ’til Christmas as of this writing… Let’s go over all Holiday Season exceptions to our normal operating hours, shall we?

Monday 12/ 24 Christmas Eve: 9am-8pmish*

Tuesday 12/25 Christmas: CLOSED

Monday 12/31/12 New Year’s Eve: 9-6pmish*

Tuesday 1/1/13 New Year’s Day: 10am-10pm

Additionally, new comic books WILL be available for purchase on Wednesday, their usual release day, on BOTH weeks.  No shipping delays.  That’s a New Comic Day on Wednesday the 26th and 2nd.

“Hang a shining star above the highest bow!”

*Forbidden Planet will officially close at these times on Christmas Eve AND New Year’s Eve.  HOWEVER, we may stay open a little while longer to accommodate latecomers.  Note the word may.

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