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As many of you know, there’s a new trailer out for new Zack Snyder joint “Man of Steel”, the new Superman movie due out Summer 2013. I was on the fence about the movie initially because I am not a fan of Zack Snyder in general, and there was a lot of buzz of it being “Dark” like the Nolan Bat-flicks. Also it’s an origin story, and we just got through a decade of Smallville, did we really need it in movie form? The trailer reveals a dark, tragic Superman origin story in a world that fears and misunderstands him, to the point where Pa Kent wants him to avoid using his powers. We had that movie before, it was called “Superman Returns” and it not my scene kids. So it seems I’ll be saving  myself $14 bucks and stick with Superman origins stories penned by the likes of Grant Morrison( All-Star, Action Comics) and  Mark Waid (Birthright). Both are safer bets in my opinion, and are 100% free of slow-mo. And also, did you see that “Pacific Rim” trailer. Flick looks dope as hell!

Now that I’ve done my nerd rant for the day, let’s look into what we go lying around the store, waiting to be bought with your earth dollars. Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time” is STILL  super-popular, and we have a variety of comics, figurines, plushies, role playing props and action figures in stock. Action figures like the image on the left, which is Flynn in a Jake suit. Is that my figure of the year? No of course not. Does it make me laugh? Hell yes. Do we have BMO in stock as well? Yup! Good choice in character imaginary person I’m holding this conversation with!

While these figures are meant for young audiences, much like the show, there’s definitely some appeal to them for the older crowd.  Also like the show. They’re well made, and hold up well , as they’re made to be played with.There’s about 2 waves out, and there’s more. The 5″ figures go for about “15, but again, we have a variety of toys in stock of various prices. Check in-store and the website for more info.

Hey look, Marvel Universe figures, I never talk about those! Wave 20 is out, which is 2/3rd re-releases and 3 new figures. Psylocke, Hulk, Beta Ray Bill, Ultimate Spider-Man, Future Foundation Spider-Man and Silver Surfer all return to make up the bulk of this line and are join by Professor X (R.I.P…..again) Jubilee, and Blastaar, the lone villain of the line. The king of the Negative Zone is welcomed here, as his massive figure stands toe-to-toe with some of the bigger MU figures. I’m a fan of it needless to say. The Professor X figure is cool too, as Chuck comes with his classic Shi’ar Wheelchair which you can put him in if you prefer your Xaviers unable to walk. The Jubilee figure is an odd one. It’s her modern post-Vampirism look, but with her plasma energy…wow I can believe I’m complaining about that. Re-reading that sentence makes me feel like I just regained my virginity/ Either way, you now have another slightly underaged girl to pal around with your Wolverine figure who isn’t X-23 or Kitty Pryde. That’s….a win, I’m sure. For the creepers.

Lastly, I know Ro-bits are usually Sophie (aka Loran’s) area, but she reviewed that awesome Avengers Hawkeye figure earlier this year, so consider this belated revenge (Hawkguy is my turf dammit!). This is the Super Robot Chogokin Megazord figure. It is rad. That is all you need to know. We have it, come for it now. It is worth the money we are selling it for.

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