Post-Turkey Day Weekend Recap

For the 5 of you who follow the adventure of Chris Troy and Fantasy Football, I wisely started the Patriots defense over the weekend. That was 25 points I needed. A shame it was up against the Jets who I actually like and are doing terrible this season…… HEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING, I’LL TALK ABOUT TOYS IN A FEW MINUTES I SWEAR!

::: Makes several jokes about the Mcfarlane Tim Tebow figure collecting dust of on our shelves that maybe 3 of you would get first :::

Usually I’d just type “COULSON LIVES!!!” and call it a day, but I imagine some context would be nice. Otherwise I’m on a Tony Harris level of confusion (RELEVANT JOKE!). Hot Toys announced that everyone’s favorite Marvel Cinema S.H.I.E.L.D.Agent will be getting the Hot Toys treatment next year, and pre-orders are available. Given the demand of the Avengers line, you may want to swing by the store and look into that. Also keep your eyes out for the newly released Hot Toys Hawkeye figure, which much like every Hot Toys released is amazing.

If you always dug Hot Toys  but maybe wanted something not comic book movie related (What the hell is wrong with you?!?!), FPNYC still has you covered. We have a nice variety of Sci-Fi related Hot Toys, covering classic movies like Terminator 2 with the T-8000 up to more modern flicks like Avatar and Predators (pictured is the Tracker Predator, which is an awesome set!) And if your more of a Star Wars type of person, there’s the delux Bespin Luke Skywalker figure, which comes with  TON of accessories, ranging from various lightsaber props to an actual light-up base. You definitely get your $300 worth with that one. It’s also worth noting the other figures I mentioned aren’t exactly slouches in the props department either as  all Hot Toys come with a variety of weapons, variant heads and hands. They are definitely the kings of the high end toy market. And if you are someone who digs more super hero based Hot Toys, we have figures from everything from Spider-Man 3 to….the Avengers.

Believe it or not, I’m actually a bit behind on my coverage of Marvel Universe figures! We’ve been getting in a ton of figures as of late, making up for the “drought” we’ve had over the summer! Wave 19 dropped a little back, and featured several re-releases, as well as some new figures. The new ones include the likes of She-Hulk (O.G. Jennifer Walters for the record), a new Punisher figure (with a machine gun, 2 handguns and a knife), Kang the Conqueror (with a ray gun), Scarlet Witch (with a Hex Bolt) and Spider-Man in  his Future Foundation outfit, with the variant being Peter in his “Bag-Head Fantastic Four” costume. It’s actually a really solid line-up, and the sculpting on the females actually quite good for a change.

There’s also been a plethora of releases in the Greatest Battles 2-pack sets. There’s a classic Mandarian (repainted from the Iron Man 2 movie line) and Silver Centuiron Iron Man, Classic Colossus and a unmasked Juggernaut, 1st Appearance Wolverine and Hulk, a Jacky Kirby era Falcon and Captain America, & a Defenders 2 pack featuring Dr. Strange and the Silver Surfer. A nice mixture of repaints, and harder to find figures, I recommend picking up a few of these packs to fill in any gaps in your collection!

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