New Comics Shipping Delay 11/28/12

Rrrrrrgh.  It looks like once again UPS delays will be mucking up our comics release schedule, folks.  Barring a miracle tomorrow’s (11/28/12) new comics, graphic novels and toys will not be on our shelves until 2pmISH, whereas normally we would open on Wednesday with the material processed, racked, and good to go.

The rage starts boiling when tracking our boxes one discovers they were picked up from Diamond and delivered to NYC even earlier than normal weeks.  OY!  I think now might be a good time to note that FedEx has been a far more reliable courier in recent years, and they’ve upped their game for the holiday season with added staff and a 6-day delivery schedule.  I also endorse USPS… FYI.

My apologies to any customers affected by this.  We’ll be busting our butts to speedily get everything situated when we receive our product.  Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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