Forbidden Planet NYC Holiday Gift Card Promotion 2012

TONS of you guys and gals took us up on last year’s promotion, and we’re pleased to offer it again this Holiday Season!  Beginning Wednesday 11/21/12 purchase $100  of gift cards from Forbidden Planet NYC through December 31st and receive a $20 bonus gift card… ON US!

FPNYC Gift Card

And now I’ll simply quote myself from last year:

“Fer instance, you could purchase ten $10 gift cards and we’ll give you an extra one worth $20.  Pick up five $20 gift cards get a sixth one free.  Buy two $50 gift cards get one worth twenty bones or clams or whatever you call them.  Buy one for $200 get two $20 bonus cards.

You get the drift.

Use the freebie yourself another time, or give it to someone on your list who might also appreciate it.  Pass it along to someone who might be interested in comics or games or toys.  Whatever you choose, it’s on us!

The fine print:

This offer is valid in-store only.  We neither sell, not accept gift cards through our website at this time.  There is no expiration date on FPNYC gift cards.  Bonus gift card cannot be used toward qualifying gift card purchase.

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