New Toys…is what we got

Yeah, I know, making a reference to Sublime’s “What I Got” is dating myself, but I don’t care. It’s a great song, which is why it’s in Saints Row the 3rd. TWO GREAT TASTES, ETC.

Speaking of music and ignoring my age, LOOK KIDS, IT’S LINKIN PARK! IN NENDOROID PETIT FORM! THAT’S….exciting? I guess? I dunno what the market for tiny deformed import figurines of popular “rock” acts are in the US, but I imagine there’s got to one. Right? Again, no clue, the thing seems about 9 years too late, but hey, I just referenced Sublime above, which only proves my musical tastes are questionable at best. That and Linkin Park are reportedly big Gundam fans and they contributed to a Gundam-game soundtrack or something, so I guess these figurines  makes sense? But wait, no Bandai doesn’t make Nendoroids, so now I’m extra confused. Swell. Regardless, as the LP set is a Max Factory product, it means the set is dead-on accurate to what the band looks like,  but limited to zero points of articulation. $60 will get you 6 band members equipped with their  instruments and a stage. If Revoltech counters by offering a Fort Minor set, I will never stop laughing.

Alright so that sucked. Let’s try something Max Factory made that I am up to date with. Following up to their Guts Figma, the Griffith Figma is currently in-stock at FPNYC and DAYUMMMMMMMM! It’s kind of great, which given how much I praised Guts, surprises no one. It’s a very clean figure, which makes sense, given how Griffith is mostly silver and white, and it captures the character’s….well, everything really well. The scale armor looks fantastic, and while the default head gets his pretty boy looks down, the alternative helmet head is my favorite, because it makes the dude look so bad ass. Which is good, given the fact that he’s kind of the villain and what not. The cape is really well sculpted too, which is nice, because a poor cape could easily ruin this Figma.  It’s also removable, so if you want him capeless, you got it. Aside from the cape and variant helmet, you get a sword, 5 variant hands and a variant face. Not too bad actually, given the cost of the figure (around $60 give or take). Also I may be mistaken, but this is the first Figma with spurs. What that means to you is probably different than what I think, because I think that’s fantastic.

Hey remember the DC Direct,er, DC COLLECTIBLES, Justice League line? Sure you do, it’s the 1st line to feature all seven of the new Justice League figures redesigned by Jim Lee? No? Me neither, I’m still pissed about the “Hellblazer” reboot. Well, in the event you care, let me remind you that we currently have all seven members of the Justice League in stock (I personally think the Cyborg figure looks the best, and that’s coming from someone who usually doesn’t care much for the character), and we just got some new  baddies in stock.  There’s the Parademon which you can buy several of for to serve as  punching bags for the J-League, or the MASSIVE Darkseid figure that towers over, well all of them! Again, I’m not a fan of the Lee designs but this is an awesome figure. For $80. Again it’s steep, but considering how big it is, it make sense.

That’s all for this article. I have to ensure my Fantasy Football wins tonight, so that I may dine of Turkey with a sense of accomplishment this Thursday.

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