(Belated) N7 Day figure spectacular!

Dear Mother Nature,


No love,

Chris Troy

Greeting FPNYC Faithful! If you’re anything like me (first off, let me say that I’m sorry to hear that), you’re quite tired of crappy weather. And perhaps politics. Bigs up to anyone who made a informed vote, because being politically responsible is cool. -10 to anyone who voted and then posted like several hundred voting fraud conspiracies on their Facebook.

Instead of weather and politics, let us focus on a holiday I give many a toss about-N7 day. For you nerds not in the know, it’s the official Mass Effect (a video game for you super-not in the know) fan appreciation day, where Bioware shows love for their fans with cool art, contest, free downloads and sales. All very dope, and real talk, it’s nice to see a company take care of it’s fanbase like that. Especially when they originally dropped the ball a bit with the original ending.

Oh, hey look, Mass Effect 3 figures! See I was going somewhere with this! And totally not buying time until I hit 500 words! After some less-than-spectacular figures from ME2, Bioware hooked up with Square Enix to make some awesome Mass Effect 3 Play Art Kai figures, pleasing me quite a bunch! This is a win-win scenario for both companies and their fans, as we’ve gotten some pretty great figures as a result. Square Enix has confirmed there’s two waves coming out, and today, we’ll be looking at the first wave, consisting of Commander Shepard, Ashley Williams and Garrus Vakarian. Solid line-up in my option, as coming out with Garrus from the get-go will please a good majority of the fans. And most importantly, me!

I know a lot of you may be upset over the fact that the Shepard figure released in wave 1 is male. I know those feel Mass Effect Bros, but don’t worry, the female version (Fem-Shep for those in the know) will be in wave 2, so Squenix has you covered, y’all just gotta wait a bit longer. That being said, I’m of 2 minds with this figures. I never liked the default male-Shepard’s look, and the lack of helmet is kind of beat. At least given me to option to cover up his face so that I can pretend it’s “my” Shepard from my run-through of the game. My 2nd less nit-picky problem is his shoulders. They’re kind of pointy out of package, and it’s noticeable. THAT BEING SAID HOWEVER, this is a pretty great figure, and obviously a step up for the previous non-Square Enix offering, in terms of pretty much everything. You’re gonna get your $60 worth this with figure, which comes packed with alternative hands, an omni-blade, rifle and pistol.

Ashley Williams is the sole female figure in the wave, and while it’s not a bad figure by any means, it’s not exactly terrible exciting. Mostly because she’s not an alien, or Miranda, and kind of a Space-Racist in the game. But in terms of sculpt, articulation and accessories, it’s all gravy. GARRUS, AKA SPACE-BATMAN, IS THE BEST! I’m may be considered bias with that statement, but it’s true. Given the character’s unique design, Squenix NAILED this figure in terms in visuals, without any of the articulation suffering. Also check out that sniper rifle, it is both sweet and also tight. Both crew members set you back about $60 as well, and come with variant hands and about 2 weapons each. It is worth the money, especially if you’re a big ME fan.

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