Forbidden Planet NYC is Open Today

Electricity and running water have kicked in again for much of lower Manhattan and we are open for the first time since last Sunday.

Items of note:

  • We will be closing at 10pm every day until Wednesday the 7th.  In fact, today, in the interest of safety for all involved, we may close slightly earlier.  9ish, depending on a few factors.  Be sure to call in advance, please.
  • We do not have new comics and toys from this past week as UPS was not delivering to our area.  We hope to receive the shipment from October 31st this coming Monday, but that is not guaranteed.  Keep an eye out on this site, our Facebook page, and/or our Twitter feed for updates.  We’re aware some of our competitors have gotten their shipments but we are deeply appreciative of our customers and will definitely make it worth your while to pick up your comics from us.
  • Everything in the shop is ON SALE!!! 15% Off everything for everyone through Tuesday the 6th.  Well, not exactly everything.  T-shirt deals and other discounts do not apply, but that’s not too shabby.  Right?

CHARITY DRIVE: Obviously, the impact of Hurricane Sandy has left many in our area devastated.  This has been a local tragedy of unprecedented proportions and we are fully aware life is not so great for a lotta people right now.  That being said Forbidden Planet is holding a charity drive for victims of the Hurricane in Staten Island, The Rockaways, City Island, New Jersey et al.  If you have canned foods, bottled water, fresh batteries, flashlights you can bring by the shop as a donation we will give you a bag of the free comics we prepared to give away on Halloween.  You can see the list of freebies here.

On a personal level, many of my friends and family have it way worse than I do, but FP is my slight solace and I hope it will be for those who come by this weekend.

All my hopes and wishes go out to you and your families.

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