Spectacle Shriek Show this Saturday!

What up homies! Prepare to be scared, it’s another…


Saturday October 27th
123 S.3rd Street (The Goth bodega right off Bedford Ave.)
Williamsburg Brooklyn

Junk Food Dinner presents: BEYOND DREAM’S DOOR
dir. Jay Woelfel, 1989
USA, 91min
In English.

Ben Dobbs (Nick Baldasare) hasn’t been sleeping well lately. Or, maybe, he has. Not prone to dreaming, Ben has recently fallen victim to a series of interweaving nightmares and it’s become harder and harder to tell dreams from reality. His attempts to uncover the source have only led to more questions and mysterious disappearances. Until he discovers a book with information that may help him. Unfortunately for Ben, the nightmares know he found the book and now they want out.

Filmed in scenic Columbus, Ohio (!) Jay Woelfel’s first feature is a rare gem, indeed; relying on dizzying, non-linear storytelling. viewers are left peeling back layer after layer like some sort of terrifying onion. The film is helped along by excellent lighting, earnest effects, and a stark synth score (also, by Woelfel).Join Junk Food Dinner as we proudly present this lost jewel in Ohio’s cinematic crown.

Junk Food Dinner review of Beyond Dream’s Door: http:// www.junkfooddinner.com/ 2010/09/ junk-food-dinner-podcast-ep isode-23.html

Junk Food Dinner interview with Jay Woelfel: http:// www.junkfooddinner.com/ 2011/03/ junk-food-dinner-from-vault s-1-jay.html



dir. Gorman Bechard, 1987

USA, 88 mins.

In English

Joe, the owner of a strip club (Carmine Capobianco) and Kate, a manicurist (the lovely Debi Thibeault) fall in love with the revelation that they are both serial killers, but as the body count rises, a cannibalistic plumber tries to throw a wrench in their plans. Add on a brief musical number, some highly misguided product placement, total disregard for the 4th wall, and a torrential downpour of blood and you have the first of three films (along with GALACTIC GIGOLO and CEMETERY HIGH) pairing director Gorman Bechard and writer/actor Carmine Capobianco, 1987’s Psychos In Love is the definitive romantic-comedy for people who mostly like slasher films.

No grapes allowed.


Dir. by Willard Huyck & Gloria Katz,1973,
USA, 90 min.
In English.Unraveling like H.P. Lovecraft’s “Shadow Over Innsmouth” transposed to the west coast, Messiah of Evil operates on the same kind of eerie dream logic as Carnival of Souls and Night Tide. A young woman travels to a costal SoCal town in search of her father, a reclusive artist, only to find the entire area completely deserted. In his studio she locates a series of distressed audio recordings describing a literal and figurative darkness falling on Point Dune, whose residents only come out at night to stand by seaside fires, staring at the moon while anticipating the arrival of an arcane evil—and feeding on any outsider who strays through. After languishing unseen for decades,Messiah of Evil is now appreciated as a classic of the genre. It’s the rare film that manages to have it both ways between measured artiness and exploitation excess, creepy suggestiveness and explicit gore. Husband and wife Huyck and Katz went on to write American Graffiti and the first two Indiana Jones movies, and art director Jack Fisk has since worked almost exclusively on career-spanning collaborations with David Lynch and Terrence Malick.

A stand out splinter of bone-chilling terror from last years SPECTOBER program, we couldn’t resist bringing this classic back out one more time this year.


Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine presents: THE UNDERTAKER AND HIS PALS

Dir. T.L.P Swicegood, 1966

USA, 63 minutes

In English

Two degenerate café owners cook up a depraved alliance with a demented Undertaker and run amok through town on their motorcycles, hacking up hot dames and cleaving craniums. Select portions of the corpses are served up as daily specials at the café and The Undertaker gets to bury the leftovers. But when a pair of local detectives smell something fishy afoot, the trio’s reign of terror runs into some trouble.

One of LUNCHMEAT Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Josh Schafer’s all-time favorite flicks, this pioneering pitch black comedy is a kitschy slice of pure drive-in delirium that plants its tongue firmly in cheek, then bites it off and spits it out onto a sizzling hot plate ready for you to enjoy. Once you’ve ingested the wacky slab o’ cinema cheeze that is Undertaker and His Pals, you’ll never get the taste out of your mouth! Dig it!
LUNCHMEAT is an independent print and online publication that celebrates the obscure and esoteric in cinema with a central focus on the wonderful and weird world of the VHS format. LUNCHMEAT dishes out reviews of hard-to-find VHS tapes, in-depth interviews and articles featuring actors, directors and other crazy cool personalities, along with lots of fun features on all things bizarre residing in the fantastic world of underappreciated cinema. LUNCHMEAT’s essential mission is to explore the vast world of overlooked and unrecognized cinema and bring it to the folks who crave it! Especially the folks that still have a VCR! You know it!


Massacre Video presents: DEMON QUEEN
Dir. Donald Farmer, 1986
USA, 55 mins.
In English
Jesse (Dennis Stewart), a seedy, low level dope pusher and his bitchy, strung-out girlfriend Wendy (Patti Valliere) are in deep. They owe six grand to a coke dealer naned Izzie (Ric Foster). But when his henchman Bone (Cliff Dance) comes to collect, a mysterious lady comes out of nowhere and lays waste to the goon. When Jesse awakens he finds the crony dead, his throat ripped to shreds and his guardian angel, Lucinda (Mary Fanaro) in need of shelter. Jesse feels the need to repay the woman who saved his life, but soon finds out that a place to stay is the least of what Lucinda is after. (Spoiler alert: She also needs human flesh, and lots of it.) Spectacle and Masscare (who presented 555 at last years Shriek Show) are thrilled to team up and present this rare SOV nugget in this years marathon.
Massacre Video was started in 2008 by Louis C. Justin as a small internet retail store specializing in low-budget and hard to find horror/cult/exploitation DVDs and magazines. In 2009, MV purchased the rights to the independent shot-on-video film 555 and planed on releasing it on to DVD for the very first time. Since then Massacre has churned out releases of JUNK FILMS, OROZCO: THE EMBALMER, and more. Look for more releases in the near future and check out massacrevideo.com for more details, to order these films, and more!

Dir. David A. Prior,1987
USA, 85 minutes
In English
Bouncing from a grisly tanning bed accident to a room full of spandex clad people doing areobics makes for a pretty solid opening to this sweaty 80’s slasher. A string of brutal murders at a fitness center has the whole town on edge. From here out the best workout you’re going to get is running for your life! Bad cops, great hair, hot jams, and more leotards than you can shake a stick at – everything about this is a true 80’s time capsule and perfect marathon fodder!
Prolific filmmaker David A. Prior is most at home in the action genre but that doesn’t mean he didn’t turn out such horrific fare as SLEDGEHAMMER and KILLER WORKOUT. Recently featured in our August Summer of Shrapnel series, with his film MANKILLERS. This screening will be accompanied by a sneak peek at his newest feature DEADLIEST PREY – a sequel 26 years in the making!

Dir. Lucio Fulci
87min., Italy, 1981
In English

A young family moves from their cramped New York City apartment to a spacious new home in New England. But this is no ordinary house in the country: the previous owner was the deranged Dr. Freudstein, whose monstrous human experiments have left a legacy of bloody mayhem. Now, someone – or something – is alive in the basement, and home sweet home is about to become a horrific hell on earth. The third installment of Fulci’s Gates of Hell trilogy (after City of the Living Dead and The Beyond) includes buckets of blood and gore, beheadings, creepy kids, ripped throats, a killer with maggots for blood, and giallo queen Dagmar Lassander. Fulci completely abandons traditional horror movie logic, and comes up with something nightmarish and truly bizarre. Twitch Film said that The House by the Cemetery is truly made to be seen in a crowd – take this opportunity to soak up the insanity in a group!


Dir. Bob Clark, 1973
USA, 87 mins.
In English.
On a small island, six drama nerds have gathered in a small cabin at the heart of a cemetery to preform rituals to raise the dead. The good news is – the conditions are juuuuuuuuuuuust right. Well, that’s actually the bad news, too. Soon the rotting, stinking corpses are rising in Satans name to wreak horrible vengeance on the group. And those are just the ones outside of the cabin. Trapped, terrified, outnumbered, and all around doomed the six are forced to fight for survival – but are the undead the only thing they have to worry about?
Directed by Bob Clark (BLACK CHRISTMAS, PORKYS, A CHRISTMAS STORY) and starring/written by Alan Ormsby (CAT PEOPLE, DERANGED) [who steals the show, just saying…] this bleak and atmospheric zombie feature is chock full of guts, laffs, gore, sibling rivalry, and is capped off by a real downer ending. An often overlooked entry into the zombie canon of cinema, CHILDREN SHOULDN’T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS is a Spectacle favorite!
See it now before the shitty remake comes out next year or whatever! <clown horn!>

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