Chris is excited for NYCC: 2012 edition (Also Batman toys)

As of writing we’re only DAYS away from this year’s New York Comic Con, and once again I’m super excited for it. As I have been every year. You’d honestly think I’d get over it by now, or at least be a little less excited, but NOPE, this year’s guest list looks pretty swell, despite some people being upset with there being no serious comic book movie presence this time around. I’m jacked because the Artist Alley looks to be insane this year, what with some of my favorite artists being there, including the likes of Ryan Ottley (Invincible), Steve Mcniven (Civil War), Fiona Staples (Saga) and Terry Dodson (The Defenders). And don’t get me started on how many awesome writers are going to be there this year as well!  I’ll have a full report of my con experience up early next week, including panel recaps, swag reports and cosplay photos. And you can also keep an eye on my adventures over on twitter, at @theanarchris!

Alright, enough con hype for now, let’s take a look at some new toys yes yes? We just got in the 3rd wave of the Batman Arkham City line, and let me say how amazing it is that DC Direct managed to get 3 waves of theses figures out within a year of release of the game, whereas the Arkham Asylum stuff  was shipping just as City was coming out. Nice rebound. This is an “important” wave because we FINALLY get a Batman figure that’s not blue or has Bruce Wayne’s head. I’m fairly certain the body is from a previous figure, hell it may even be a repainted Blue (aka Radar) Batman, but I don’t care, it’s the best Batman figure in the wave yet. Which is probably why we’re sold out of it currently. Irony! But we got an Azarel figure, and  who expected that past 1997?  Obviously his Arkham City costume isn’t quite what he was last wearing in the comics, it’s fairly similar to what he was last wearing in his book that stuck around for all of 16 months 2 years ago, and it makes for a cool looking figure! The detailing on Azrael are insane, and does the design justice, given how he consists of chain mail, armor, some 90s style pouches, and that weird-ass cape thing he’s always had. Definetly the highlight of the wave, at least in my opinion!

The Joker goon figures in this set however, are the definition of lazy. They’re literally the same figure, just with a different colors of paint and different accessories. Kind of weak of DC if you ask me, at least drop them in separate waves or something!  Unless you happen to have a lot of money to blow on toys and want some army builder figures (Which at $20 a pop, I doubt most people do), you can most likely avoid buying both of these figures. Let’s move on shall we?

Ra’s al Ghul and the Penguin are the big baddies for this wave, and they’re both really solid figures! Ra’s 2nd to Azarel in terms of sculpt quality, and while he’s a tad more simpler than ol’ Knife Fingers, Ra’s benefits from not being as….busy. He still looks regal in his armor, but also like a complete badass. The Penguin is cool as well, although I’m not a fan of his glass-bottle jammed-into-his-skull-acting-as-a-monocle-gimmick, but that’s more on the game designer’s than it is on DC Direct. Also EWWW! The Penguin figure could have been a wash, given the fact that it’s smaller and less articulate than the other DC figures, but they’ve packed a lot into so little. His hat is removable, the bottle-monocle looks cool, and both his vest fur trim are really well crafted!  Also yeah for Umbrella accessory right? Right? Anyway, like I said earlier, each figures goes for about $20 each, and won’t be on out shelves too long give the lines history. Swing by today, and expect me back here this time next week to tell tales of NYCC 2012!!

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