Of Spider-Men and Tiny Fantasies

Good news everyone, it only took me 2 weeks to get back to y’all about the latest line of Marvel Universe figures! While that may seem like a long time, I assure you that…um…alright, I probably should have had a excuse prepared for this, huh? Would a photo of several empty beer bottles and a copy of “Borderlands 2” help/count as one? Don’t answer that if that answer is no.

Getting back on what I started to discuss 2 weeks ago, let me start off with a sidenote by pimping out the recently concluded “Spider-Men” mini series written by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli. It’s probably the best thing Bendis has written in years, and I say that knowing how good Ultimate Comics Spider-Man has been since it’s debut this time last year. I believe you can still find all 5 issues on our shelves, and the hardcover should be out soon if not !  It’s the first time the main (616) Marvel Universe and the Ultimates universe have met, & Peter Parker and Mile Morales’ first encounter makes for a compelling read, especially with Pichelli’s excellent line work.

With that being said, the next 2 Marvel Universe figures happen to be both versions of Ultimate Spider-Man, the original, departed Peter Parker, and Miles Morales, the new kid on the block. What I like about these 2 figures that compared to the previous ML Spider-Man figures, they’re a tad smaller, so they actually look like teenagers. I’m not exactly thrilled that Miles is basically a repaint of the Peter figure (in my opinion, he should be a little smaller), but I’ll take what I can get, given how quick we got a Miles figure in this line. My annoyance aside, they’re both pretty solid teen-aged Spider-Man figures, with a decent amount of articulation and solid paint job. In terms of accessories, you’re getting a web-pack for each of them. These aren’t must buys though, unless you’re really dig either Spider-characters.

The final figure in the line is classic Spider-Villains Kraven the Hunter. If you’ve always written the character off as ridiculous, then this figures does it best to confirm that. However, if you dig how insane the character is and looks, then this figure if for me and you. It’s a REALLY great sculpt, and a sharp paint job, despite how bland his character design is in terms of color. The design itself is fine, as I am a sucker for a lion’s head vest and skull kneepads. The articulation is fairly standard, which is a shame, because an ultra-poseable Kraven would have been great. Over a great oddball villains choice for the line and a fine figure, so you probably want to pick one up to complete your Sinster Six roster.

Switching gears to the import side of things-ERMMAHGAWD, ALL OF THE CUTE! Square Enix’s trading arts line has evolved, bringing about the creation of the Nedroid-esque  Trading Arts Kai Mini line (Brilliant re-branding there Squenix!). It’s a smart move, as this new line stands heads and shoulder above the original blind-box series both figuratively and literally. While they’re barely more poseable than the original line, they’re now certainly much bigger and each figure comes with a variety of faces, weapons, bodies, and accessories you can swap out. The first wave consists of Squall, Yuna and Cloud, and I obviously bought Squall for myself, because that’s how I roll. Look forward to a more in dept look next time!

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