MG Gundam Mark II Build Log-FINAL

Okay, with my first fully-painted 2.0 all finished, I guess it’s time to jump in.

I don’t think there’s anything about the Mark II in Titans colors I can say here that I didn’t say before. All I can really say now is that with the entire kit built and painted, I now know how well the dark blue paint actually came out.

Holy crap, it ended up really dark! But, I’m very much okay with this. It feels more like the Titans colors would look in the real world, with an almost bitch-dark blue to make the suit seem almost invisible against the blackness of space. That’s how the Titans strike: your dead before you ever notice them.

At least, that’s how it would have been had they not allowed idiots like Jerid into their group…

This kit has a few quirks that were clearly the result of some of Bandai’s experiments early on in the 2.0 releases, some of which leaked over into the main Master Grade kits at the time. If you remember my review of the Destiny Gundam, it had that little tab underneath its waist that can lock in place for leg placement. This kit has no such tab, but the legs still have that joint. It works… decently, I suppose. Frankly, it’s a gimmick I’m glad they quickly moved past.

This kit also has little pistons in the feet! They’re made of chrome and are both need and… kind of pointless? Like, why make JUST these pistons chrome and not make anything else on the kit chrome? It kind of clashes. But hey, at least with these things already molded in the right color, you don’t have to worry about painting them and rendering them useless. That wouldn’t be good…

The articulation in the legs is pretty good. For whatever reason when I took these pictures I couldn’t get the legs to go all the way. Oops. Like the backpack, it uses those infernal fabric tubes. You do get enough length from these to make one or maybe two extras if you mess up but damn, I’m always worried when I work with these.

The Mark II has a pretty decent weapon complement, with a beam rifle with three extra e-pacs, two sabers, a hyper bazooka, a spare bazooka magazine, the Vulcan pod and a shield. There’s nothing really special about the two guns, but be careful when putting the bazooka away! I’m afraid I’m going to scratch the decals right off if I put it in all the way. The Vulcan pod is really cool though, and the plastic has enough stretch to make sure it doesn’t snap.

The shield is awesome, and it has a sliding mechanism that allows for different configurations! I like stuff like this. It doesn’t seem like it’ll scratch up at all, either.

While it’s been outdone by pretty much every other 2.0 to come after it, the MG Mark II 2.0 is a worthy purchase, especially if you’re really into Zeta. Really, the only reason you should ever buy the old Mark II is if you want the G-Defenser from the Super Gundam set… and even then, kind of a lot to pay for one accessory. Still, remember to keep an eye out for this at FPNYC! It’s worth a look.

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