Matt and Jeff Live from the Forbidden Planet NYC Basement

Some goofs on our first take. The store’s wi-fi cut out for about five minutes, thus making us late for the 4pm Hangout On Air.  We missed a chance to have a prominent celebrity customer join us because of the delay in setting back up, and I still have a lot to learn about the minutiae of running these…

Still, Matt and I got it together and streamed the following, LIVE on a laptop to our Google+ and Youtube pages. The FPNYCTV Television network is on the air…

And about the Twitter and Facebook cards… Okay. Didn’t realize the audience could read ’em just fine. I can be a real dummy sometimes.

Next show Friday 9/14/12 at 7pm from the floor of the new FP.

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  1. Carlos Pacheco

    Jeff… It’s good to see you once again… This time on the internet… May I suggest…That perhaps you can set up a telephone number… Wherein while you are on live broadcasting… People may be able to call in and both ask questions and make comments in relation to topics which are spoken about in the telecast… “This is New York City… And you know we have a lot to say”!!!!! Carlos from the Boogie Down Bronx…

  2. Jeff Ayers

    Hi Carlos!

    Miss you (and the Bronx), brother. That’s definitely an idea. Why don’t you send me an email so I can let you know if and when we do such a thing? Jeff at

    Be well, sir.

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