MG Blitz Gundam Build Log Final

You know, there’s really no better feeling than building a kit right when it’s new. I’ve done this a few times over the years, mainly with GM-related suits, but this is the first time I ever did this with a Gundam Master Grade. This can have its disadvantages, though. While a High Grade from 2012 is CLEARLY better than one from 2002, it’s less grating to go back to older kits because the technology doesn’t advance that much, since there’s less TO advance. With Master Grades, the technology advances every year so you don’t really get that. I noticed a huge jump in quality when I went from my Destiny to the AGE-1 Titus. That’s why you should always build oldest to newest!

That being said, the Master Grade Blitz Gundam is damn impressive, and easily my favorite of the Otakon bunch (until I build the Kapool, that is…).

Now being the meathead I am, I should warn readers about this: I accidentally broke one of the wing binder things on mine. Make sure you have them in correctly, or else you can snap them right off. I think I got mine to hold, but I’ve been having to go back and fix it sometimes…

It should be obvious that I love this kit. The articulation is excellent, very smooth, very satisfying. A lot of piston and hinge joints are featured on the legs and thankfully don’t interfere with the painting process or anything. I’ve been opting to go with gold on these SEED kits just because I think it looks better; on most of them, anyway. I figured gold in place of the yellow would better complement the black, purple, and red.

Another thing I really liked about this kit is the decals. I’ll admit, I didn’t use the included ones, save for some small stickers. I went with some reproduction water slide decals again, just because they’re easier to work with. The end result is awesome. All the markings on the suit really help bring it together. Also, decaling while I built helped, too.

The weapons on this suit are a lot of fun, but they can be annoying.

My favorite weapon on this suit is easily the Gleipnir Anchor, the big nasty claw on the left arm. Like the arms on the Zeong and some of the other psycommu-based suits, this has a wire to simulate the weapon extending. This is a good thing and a bad thing, however, because while the play feature is nice, the wire just isn’t strong enough to support the weapon. It just kind of… flops down.

The main weapon is a beam rifle/shield combination, with the Lancer Darts. The Lancer Darts, unsurprisingly, have a bit of an issue staying in place properly. They fit well enough but they rattle around a bit.

Getting it into the hand is also a bit of a task because the handle has to be disassembled and a trigger finger placed inside. The process is difficult, but once it’s in, it’s in.

Of course, Bandai loves showing their disdain for painters, so the beam saber fits in a small hole on the shield, and yes, when you remove it, it’s paint scratch city. It’s not even a very interesting saber, either.

The kit is also mountable to an Action Base with the assistance of a special adapter.

While I may have problems with the execution of the weapons, they still do their jobs, and look great. With the exception of the rattling lancer darts and the limp cable, everything works well enough. It’s a great kit overall, and one I’d recommend even if you’re not into SEED. Come on, just give it a shot, it’s a lot of fun! If you want it, there’s always a chance you can get it at FPNYC!

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