Forbidden Planet NYC Opening Earlier

…At least temporarily.

Pulling even wackier hours than we normally do since the beginning of our move in June (6 and 7 a.m. starts have been frequent… you don’t wanna know how long the hours have been.  Let’s just say ridiculous.), we’ve noticed quite a lot of you out there wanna shop early.  Well, in response to that, we’re opening one hour earlier for the next 10 days to see just how many of you would take advantage of the opportunity.

From now until at least September 8th Forbidden Planet NYC will be open at 9am every morning.

That makes our current store hours:

Sunday 9am – 10pm
Monday 9am – 10pm
Tuesday 9am – 10pm
Wednesday 9am – 12am
Thursday 9am – 12am
Friday 9am – 12am
Saturday 9am – 12am

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