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The line between comic book continuity and Hollywood has never been thinner, and both fan communities are adding fuel to the fire! The success of The Avengers movie has cemented another five solid years of comic book films, and that is only on Marvel’s slate. DC is SURE to throw their hat into the ring, either updating Batman in four years (ala Amazing Spider-Man) or finally getting off their keisters and making that Justice League movie everybody’s been waiting for.

MEANWHILE, indie comics both large and small continue to be a goldmine speculation business for producers. WHAT will be the next Walking Dead, and how can you be on the ground floor?

Here’s a quick guide to a few properties you might want to start reading…not only are they great comics, they could end up as big business blockbusters! Let’s start with the obvious and wind our way down to the obscure:


A great deal of people REALLY want you to like the T.M.N.T. in 2013. There are multiple television, toy and films being developed by several different entertainment conglomerates, all agreeing that, since the turtles were a huge runaway moneymaker once, it surely MUST happen again, right?

IDW’s current run of Turtle comics have been ALL RIGHT as far as these things go. The beautiful Turtle Archive book the same company has been publishing in deluxe hardcover have been a blast, too! Are the turtles books great? Well, they’re pretty darn good, and frankly, they are a refreshing breath of creative fresh air…since no one knew (at the time) this was going to be big business, the creators could throw ANY old thing in there.


Bone is one of those comics which must seem ancient to anyone born after it was created in the 90’s. Creator Jeff Smith and former publisher Scholastic have often toyed with turning BONE into a big screen blockbuster, and with good reason; Bone has already seen successful toys, video games, and multiple multi-volume printings.

But how is the comic?

Bone is the definitive pre-internet nostalgia trip, using a simple cartoony style to tell an impressive tale more akin to The Hobbit or Game of Thrones than the comic strips which it mines. If you haven’t read BONE, you really should.

Like all good magic tricks, it looks so simple, but the deep layers to the trick will make you smile all the while!


Spielberg’s recent Tin Tin movie was the REAL sequel to the Indiana Jones franchise, so pick up some comics before the inevitable sequel. MEANWHILE, Powers and 100 Bullets are fun titles with a great deal of back catalog which continue to flirt with small screen releases. Now that DC and Neil Gaiman seem to have made up and kissed, can the long awaited Sandman TV or Movie series be far off?

Who knows? All I know is all these great comics and graphic novels, as well as T-shirts, action figures, and busts of your favorite comic icons can be found at reasonable prices at the NEW Forbidden Planet! Forbidden Planet, Coconut Crab Free since August of 2012!


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