The Book You Forgot to Buy Last Week

Elektra Assassin is one of the all-time great graphic novels and just came back into print in TP form last Wednesday August 15th.  I did not make sure to raise a clamor about this fact personally, busy as I was with other stuphs and absent from the floor.  Now is my chance to right that.

Once again, back in print and HIGHLY recommended.

9780785163565 Frank Miller Elektra Assassin Bill Sienkiewicz Marvel graphic novel

Writer: Frank Miller

Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz

Publisher: Marvel

Meet Elektra Natchios, a young woman who has played many intriguing roles: gymnast, martial artist, ninja, assassin. But this enigmatic woman, trained in the arts of ninjitsu and renowned as the world’s deadliest assassin … is dead. Or is she? An unconscious woman washes ashore in a small Central American country. Two policemen are strangled. A diplomat is assassinated. A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is brutally dismembered. Unrelated events? Hardly. Elektra has returned. Whether she’s been miraculously resurrected or this is an untold tale from Elektra’s past is left for the reader to decide. But one thing remains certain, Elektra is back with a vengeance. From the combined talents of two of comics’ greatest innovators – Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz – comes this psychological excursion through the mind, body and soul of the world’s most dangerous woman.

Collects ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN #1-8.

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