MG Destiny Gundam Build Log Part 2

I don’t know why, but I’m just on such a crazy Master Grade kick lately. Part of the reason I make HGUCs is because of the variety, and I’ll only do MGs of stuff that doesn’t look as good at that scale. But also, most of the Master Grades I do are from Alternate Universes… which tend to run on the shorter side, so a larger scale is a better option. Also, the 1/144s from those series just don’t look as good as the HGUCs do, which, these days, are near MG-levels of detail.

So for this article, I’m giving a bit of an update on my Destiny Gundam. It’s not 100% complete, since I’m still waiting on my decals, and I won’t be covering everything here, just the parts of the body I haven’t covered already. I have all the weapons finished, but I’ll be covering those in a later article, probably with all the “Extreme Blast” parts. Most of them needed paint touchups when I was taking these pictures…

Now, a kit with crazy wings like these is going to have a lot of balance problems. Many kits have different ways of dealing with this, but I found this kit’s way to be kind of interesting. I kept noticing my kit falling backwards, and I was wondering why it did that. Then, I realized this silly little red piece I on the waist that was the key to everything. Moving this thing up and down affects how well the kit stays stable.

In addition to that piece, there’s a little slot on the underside of the crotch that controls the legs. Moving it all the way back and locking it into place spreads the legs out, this makes for some great posing. I tried leaving it in the other position, but the legs just spread out anyway, so I left it clicked back. Besides, the “standing at attention” look on robots just… doesn’t work. Plus, doing this will make for some great Wings of Light poses when it’s all done.

Speaking of the wings, geez, they’re impressive. They were frustrating to make, but thankfully not as bad as Epyon (yeah, I’ll be getting to that one soon, don’t worry). I made sure to do some gray detail painting here to break up all the red, and give it a more mechanical look. I’m sorry, but whenever I see all that tech detail on the undersides of parts, I just HAVE to paint it gray. What, do you really think they’d actually paint that stuff?

Also, you can see some of the slots for the Wings of Light pieces, but hey, you and I are both going to have to wait until I get my decals before we can see that.

Speaking of which, I am NOT looking forward to masking off all the metal parts when I flat coat this thing…

Well, it’s still not 100% completed, but it’s getting there. This project has been totally fun, and it’s making me consider making a momentary shift to Master Grades for awhile… not like I don’t have a few more to build and paint!

Next time, I’ll be covering the weapons, and possibly the Extreme Blast parts. We’ll see!

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