Comic Con or Connot

There’s only three things that come out of my mouth: Spit, Carbon Dioxide, and the ever lovin’ truth. “But Unkiedev,” I hear you stammer, “ What about Vomit?”

You heard it hear first, kids; Vomit ain’t nuthin’ but glorified spit.

This past comics book week I had the privilege to read the funniest frickin’ comic since the Gumby Winter Fun Special. Maybe you DOUBT That I know what “funny” is? NEED I remind you that I wrote approximately three columns urging you squares to pick up the Milk and Cheese Dairy Products Gone Bad collection from Dark Horse, and what happened to that book? HUH?

It won the Eisner this year for “Best Humor Publication,” so takes your doubts and hock them for peanuts.

The GOON #40, Eric Powell (W/A), Dark Horse

Hands down the funniest comic since forever. The Goon has always been a great, fun read with tons of monsters, punchenings and slick, sick art from the pen of master writer/artist Eric Powell, but something about #40 was on target with America, on target with comic book s and on target with the beauteous wonderment that is art.

Maybe it was the Ed Roth inspired skunk ape, hopped up on cough medicine moonshine tearin’ up the town with his monster jalopy, or maybe it was the Charleston contest interrupted by Satan, most likely I would say that the funniest moment was the whole dang thing.

This issue follows on the heals of one bad mamma-jamma of a heartbreaker, where we meet the Goons Dad for the first time and get a glimpse into what makes that tough sucker so angry at the world.

Oh, you’ve never read the Goon? Well, Dark Horse is working hard on a CGI Goon movie, and who knows if they’ll ever finish it…still, you should know something about this truly inspiring comic, if only so you can appear urbane and cosmopolitan at your next tractor pull or goat orgy.


The Goon is a rough, tough palooka who shakes down a small, postindustrial town for protection money. With the help of his diminutive, wise cracking buddy Frankie, the Goon has his calloused, gloved fingers in every illegal pie Lonesome Town has to offer…did I mention the protection money he shakes everybody down for is to protect the local citizens from Zombies?

The Goon mixes horror, pathos and good ole’ fashion hooliganism into a potent moonshine of blind hilarity. This is comics is a B-12 injection of funny right into the marrow of your funny-bones.

Wanna’ take a look at the underbelly of American greatness? Pick up The Goon in trades today and experience what just might be the most worthwhile comic in America today.


“Unkiedev,” you cry, “That sounds scary and mean!” Alright ya’ little bib-droolers. Ya like yer’ comics NORMAL do yah? Marvel has Avengers vs X-men #9 out this week, as well as Avenging Spider-Man #10. Dark Horse also has that lovely Beasts of Burden Neighborhood Watch one-shot…you’d like that, it’s about crime fighting doggies and kitties. DC? Well, they have the same stuff they had last month, only instead of #10 after everything, most of these books have #11s.

Psst, hey you! If you DO like weird stuff, come on with me. I’m going to check out the beautiful Michael Kaluta Sketchbook vol. 2, as well as Helldorado East Eats West from Ape Entertainment and Dead Ahead from Image.


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