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HOLY CRAP, WE’RE MOVING APPARENTLY!  There, consider that an early reminder. I’ll try to not to mention it again until after it happens and grand-opening things have been announced.

Anywho, happy post 4th of July everyone, hope you all enjoyed the holiday/”Amazing Spider-Man,” which I thought was neat. Definitely not a perfect film, nor as good as “The Avengers“, it could have been a ton worse. Remember “Spider-Man 3”? Yeah…..that, and Emma’s Gwen was 10000X better than Kristen’s Mary Jane. That being said, it’s July, which means one thing. SAN DIEGO COMIC CON? WILL I BE THERE, DELIVERING ALL OF THE LATEST NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS? NOPE, CAN’T AFFORD IT. WILL I LIST A BUNCH OF SWEET EXCLUSIVES THAT I WANT, AND WILL HOPEFULLY MAKE IT TO OUR STORE LIKE LAST YEAR? YUP, SURE WILL!

Let’s start off with DC Comics. Obviously they’ll have a lot to offer, what with “Dark Knight Rises“, the New 52, Before Watchmen, and their Cartoon Network programming. Expect to see a Gotham Siren/Polly Pocket set, a Tiny Titans figurine box set, and a plethora of exclusive DKR toys. What I’m most excited for is on the left: the new line of Convention Exclusive 3.75″ action figures from DC Collections (formerly known as DC Direct) featuring 2 Green Lanterns, and the much taller Death figure from the same company. Both will retail for about $25, but given how Kyle Rayner, Kilowog, and Death are ALL fan-favorites, they’re definitely a steal at that price compared to how much they’ll be going for post-show. Plus the Lanterns are in scale with the Marvel Universe figures, which means Kyle and Kilowog can team up with a different breed of Guardians…

With both the Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man in theaters, you can definitely expect to see some SDCC-exclusive swag tied into both of those movies on the floor. Hell even the show-exclusive HeroesClix is semi-related! (It’s an oversized Hank Pym Clix). The only thing I can think of that’s X-Men related is an Uncanny X-Men Minimates 4 pack (featuring Cyclops, Emma Frost, Hope, and Jugger-Colossus), which I desperately want. Despite all of these options, the Hasbro Marvel Universe line is once again the crown jewel of the Marvel goodness crown; offering 2 awesome products. Tying into their boxed sets is the SDCC exclusive Master of Evils 3-pack, featuring 3 all new villains never featured before- the group’s leader Baron Zemo, as well as Tiger Shark, and Radioactive Man (no, not the one from the Simpsons, the one that’s older and a bit more racist). This set will retail for $30, which is $5 more than the DC Comics set and gets you and extra figure. Which is far cheaper than the MASSIVE, Super SHIELD Helicarrier being offered. This one goes for $130, but man, it’s worth it as it’s in scale with the previous Masterwork releases from the last 2 years, and can easily fit a ton of MU figures on there. It also comes with comic-accurate versions of Captain America and Maria Hill (a first!). You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with it, assuming your loved one/roommates don’t murder you on the spot for buying it.

What do I think the hottest exclusives will be at SDCC this year, though? Nothing based on a comic, or a comic-related movie. No, my choices are focused a little more on a pair of popular ladies. The Adventure Time SDCC 2-pack will be first time Fionna, a female version of the show’s lead Finn, is made into a figure, and given that it’s only $15 bucks it’s going to fly off the floor fast. The other belongs to My Little Pony’s Derpy Hooves. Oh sure I’ve made fun of the MLP fandom before, but the Bronies and Lady-Bronies are faithful their show, and it will be anything but magical when it comes to trying to secure one of these on the San Diego floor. Especially for $20 bucks.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for SDCC exclusives, but I’ll leave it at that for now, before THE RAGE takes over (obscure video game reference made!). Next time I’ll look into some stuff we actually have in stock, and doesn’t retail for $130.

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