Forbidden Planet NYC is Moving!

This is the body of a press release I just sent out, folks:

Forbidden Planet NYC is moving!

New York, NY July 2012- Forbidden Planet NYC, one of the world’s largest and most acclaimed sellers of comics, graphic novels, toys & other collectibles since 1981, is moving locations four doors down from its present location to 832 Broadway (between 13th and 12th streets) in Manhattan’s Union Square area.

FPNYC has occupied two other locations on the same block since its inception, but at 3400sq. feet our new location will be our largest incarnation yet. This expansion has been necessary for some time now, and will allow us to provide our customers with even more product selection and depth, while streamlining the store’s layout to one convenient floor.

Forbidden Planet NYC will open at 832 Broadway on Tuesday, July 24th 2012 in a “soft launch,” with a more grandiose opening some weeks following. Our final day open on the corner of 13th St. (840 Broadway) will be Sunday, July 22nd.

…Thank you for supporting Forbidden Planet NYC throughout the years!

More later.  Now I gotta go.  LOTSA work to be done.

BTW, here’s a digital mock-up of what the new location’ll look like.

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  1. ashwin

    congrats on the move! what space are you moving in to, having a tough time visualizing what was there before? and any clue who’s taking the old space (or if it’s available) ??????

  2. Jeff Ayers

    The new space is betweern 13th and 12th, nearer to the Strand. It was Mavi Jeans for the last few years. Still not sure who’s taking over 840, but I’ve heard good things.

  3. Jenny

    Going to prank my sons by taking them to the old location after the 24th, briefly letting their hearts break, then saving the day by whisking them two doors down to see the wondrousness… congratulations on the move!

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  5. Gary Dunaier

    I remember when you used to be at 821 Broadway, on the northwest corner of Broadway and 12th Street… this was back when DCs and Marvels were 50, 60 cents apiece. I used to work across the street at 826 Broadway, and it was so convenient to pop over there during lunch hour to pick up the new comics. Those were the days…

  6. David Goldie

    i loved going to the store, but i always came straight from high school, so i had an enormous backpack. so, i’d be walking through the aisles, knocking into people, repeatedly saying excusemeexcuseme all the way to the gundam section.
    then i’d try to go upstairs, and the counter balance would make me fall. good luck with the move, and will you guys have any new gundam kits?

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