G.I. Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes

Another year, another Snake-Eyes figure.

But well, what do you expect. The movies looks like it’s going to be loaded with all sorts of Arashikage Ninja action, so of course we’ll have a ton of new Snake-Eyes figures to deal with. But hey, I say that like Hasbro ever had a REASON to make fifty Snake-Eyes figures in any given year. Still, I’m a big enough fan of Snake-Eyes and the G.I. Joe movie aesthetic in general to justify my buying of another figure, and besides, it wouldn’t be as fun having the new Storm Shadow without an appropriate Snake-Eyes to fight him.

This new Snake-Eyes figure, well, certainly is a Snake-Eyes figure. I have to wonder if Hasbro ever gets tired of his design and tries to do something new with him. That’s probably how Temple Guardian Snake-Eyes came about, you know, one of those toys I never found. Ah well. I guess this figure will hold me off for awhile, even though I feel as though he’s inferior to the “God Tier Snake-Eyes” from 2010 in almost every way.

Seeing as Hasbro almost never changes Snake-Eyes’ design, it feels like he’s one of those characters whose design can never go wrong, not even in movie form. Well, okay, there was that hideous mouth on the suit for the first movie, but thankfully, that isn’t the case here. It’s back to the old look here.

In fact I really like this head. The wrinkled/slightly baggy look is very reminiscent of the Snake-Eyes mold introduced in 2005. In fact, now that I think about it, the whole figure kind of is. That’s pretty cool and all, but honestly, I’d like something a bit more “new”. Maybe we’ll see something like Paris Pursuit Snake-Eyes soon. That was a fun toy.

Much like the new Storm Shadow, there is no sacrificed articulation here. He’s got it all: hinged wrists, ankle rockers; again, pretty much everything save for the fabled double-elbow. However, he’s not as good as Storm Shadow in the knee department. The “fabric” on the back of his pants hinders some of the articulation, preventing the legs from going back all the way.

My biggest issue with the figure is the accessories. His sword is cool, as is his gun (despite it being… blue. What is this, 1993?) but he has no cool webgear. No backpack, no straps, nothing. The lack of any kind of webgear is really disappointing to me. Without any, he just feels so boring and plain.

I will say, though, his zipline is pretty cool…

Instead of being some gun with a grappling hook, Snake-Eyes gets some crazy Arashikage glider! This thing is an eleven on the ridiculous scale, but boy if it isn’t fun. It works like a backpack for the figure, and he holds onto a pair of handles. The tips of the wings are missiles, too. Yeah, it’s a lot of fun.

While this figure is a lot of fun, I can’t fully recommend him. He’s got all the joints but he’s just so bland. If you’re looking for “the” Snakes figure, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for “a” Snakes figure, then go for it. Either way, if you have the 2010 figure, don’t waste your time. Remember to check FPNYC for whatever new Joes you’re looking for!

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