Wolverine #310 hits the stands this week, and with it comes some shocking revelations. Remember when Wolverine cut off Sabertooth’s head in 2007’s Wolverine #55? Well guess what…MAYBE HE DIDN’T!

Hurts, doesn’t it?! Some super villains are just too cool and iconic to leave in the depths of hell to rot. Wolverine #310 plans on telling us HOW Sabertooth survived his amputation/fatal beheading, but for many fans the answer will still smack of betrayal.

Let’s talk ret-cons.

Action Comics #11 also arrives this week, but it promises to be the origin story of the new 52’s version of Superman, the ret-conned version of the Man of Steel. DC also has Before Watchmen Ozymandias #1 with Jae Lee on art duties and Len Wein writing. This is one of the teams I was looking forward to on this project…but now I’m scared! “What might they ret-con?!”


Comics are a long game. Sure, we might be miffed at Wolverine #310 for changing things so Sabertooth can return, but are we still mad at the ret-cons we like? Is anybody upset that Magneto lived after being blown up on Asteroid M, or the time when he was revealed to be alive from being cloned? Are we cheesed off that they ret-conned Bruce Wayne to have a friend who became Hush? I for one am happy that Generation X-star Chamber is back to his hollow faced self after all the crazy malarkey with Apocalypse and M Day.


If you don’t want things to change, read something NEW! How about some awesome comic strips, such as I Told You So by the brilliant Shannon Wheeler, or the spectacularly entertaining story of barbarians on pug dogs entitled Mike Norton’s Battlepugs, both of which arrive at the Planet this Wednesday!

Three of my top pick books this week are ret-cons, reimaginings, and sequels. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1 is a new title from DC hoping to nurture the nostalgia spark into commercial flames, while Bernie Wrightson reprints his sequel to Frankenstein, entitled Frankenstein Alive, ALIVE! #1 for all of you who didn’t listen to your Unkiedev when he said you should buy it before it completely sold out.

After that my pull list is Roger Langridge’s incredible work on the Muppets with Marvel’s Muppets #1, as well as his great stuff on Popeye with Popeye #3. Popeye, himself has changed so much from his original source material, yet few complain of the ret-conning there.

Maybe in this week’s Avengers Vs. X-Men #7, Cyclops will use his new cosmic powers to blast a ruby quartz eye laser into a quantum field, which then travels back in time to kill Scott Lobdell so that Sabertooth never gets beheaded and, on the plus side, Maggot and Marrow never happened.

See? Not all Ret-cons are bad.


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