Everything We Miss

“Everything We Miss,” a short vignette by Luke Pearson is finally available from some fine folks from across the pond, Nobrow Press, for our grubby American hands to paw over.

Nobrow, an independent comics publisher based out of England that has been producing some of the finest comics this young reader has read in his 20 years of pictorial consumption, and are well worth seeking out. But more to the point, Luke Pearson accomplishes something in this comics mere 34 pages, that many couldn’t in 340.

Nobrow Press Luke Pearson Everything We Miss

Remember being a kid and looking out your window at night, watching the moon hang in limbo, and in your peripherals you see a figure pass by without a sound, and sure as you turn in quick session to catch it, it’s already traveled far out of sight? Or the feel of a black hand slide itself over your tongue and spit venom at the one you love for no other reason rather than that’s what it was there to do? “Everything We Miss” sets a theater to these moments in life; the times when you’re sure that you are alone and that no one is watching, where you do the things most innate.  A man naked in a mirror trying to remember if there was a time before he let himself go, a boy’s futile attempts to be the person she wants and not the person he is, and a girl who slips by unnoticed, which is exactly what she wants.

Luke Pearson’s voice is sound throughout and invites us stare on in voyeuristic form to see how ghosts see.  In short, and to concluded with corny gusto: “Everything We Miss” shouldn’t be missed.

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