Things happen fast in the world of comics, and we fans are fickle friends to the trends. Before we can blink, the San Diego Comic Con is upon us, as is the much ballyhooed “Before Watchmen.” Many who said “Avengers” was the best movie of all time can now only think about “The Dark Knight Rises” on July 20th.

Meanwhile, some of the biggest stories of this year, that of DC’s New 52 and Marvel’s Avengers Vs. X-Men are nearing completion. Who’s going to remember them in the wake of this week’s big SDCC announcements?


Let us take a pause and breath in the current, the happening and the now. MANY big books are celebrating breaking double digits this week. Dark Horses controversial bad girl Buffy has her latest milestone with Buffy Season 9 #10, and many of the DC books do the same.

Batman #10, Batgirl #10, and Deathstroke #10 all have a number ten this week. The Deathstroke title seems particularly fun as Rob Liefeld will pit Sir Strokes-a-lot up against that intergalactic bastich, Lobo. In this fight there will be no good guys, only carnage!

Green Lantern and Grifter both get #10s, as well.

And they’re not the only ones! Image has Invincible #10 (well, #92 actually) and Marvel has Powers #11 (Missed it by THAT much) plus The Amazing Spider-Man #687 (Which is 10×68.7, so that sort of counts).

I’m looking forward to Spidey #10×68.7. Spidey is going to fight the Avengers, of whom he’s currently a member, and with whom he is currently fighting the X-men across the country (Specifically in the pages of this week’s AvX Vs #3). He does get around, that guy…speaking of which


Spider-Men #1 drops this week, the first REAL cross over between the Ultimate Marvel Universe and the regular “616” Marvelverse. More importantly, Spider-Men features the team up of Peter Parker and Miles Morales…how will Peter deal with a world where he’s dead, and how will Miles cope with meeting one of his heroes?

Another noteworthy “one” this week is Before Watchmen Silk Specter #1. While not as lovable as Rorschach or as naked as Dr. Manhattan, the Silk Specter has the unenviable position of being the lone female voice in a room of male costumed powder-kegs.

Will Darwyn “New Frontier” Cooke reinvent comic books as we know it with this retread never-looked for, solo title prequel to a classic starring a bit-player with parent issues? Sure.

NEXT WEEK: I’ll spill all the dirt on the big SDCC news! Last year we had a stabbing…THIS YEAR I THINK WE CAN DO BETTER!


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