Empowered Review

Empowered volume 7 cements Adam Warrens place as one of America’s most talented, and under-appreciated, comic book creators living and working today.

The list of comics being written and drawn by the same hand INSIDE the super hero genre today is as short as a mouse’s foreskin, and nobody appearing on that list is doing it better than Adam. In Volume 7 of Empowered, Mr. Warren spins a violent yarn of warring ninja clans, set against the time skipping narrative of a Demon from outer space trying to guide several protagonists through their carefully woven web of romance. We learn more of the true nature of our plucky protagonists awesome powers, as well as find some closure regarding past rivalries.

The art is top notch: 200 pages of deadly fights, curvaceous characters of both sex, as well as countless sight gags and insanity. The professional detail and fast paced action is nothing less than one expects from the Godfather of American Manga. Poor Adam Warren…Empowered’s sales are impressive enough to keep Mr. Warren chained to his drawing table, hammering away at future volumes. No assistants here, Warren is turning out some of the best black and white super hero art on the market today COMPLETELY by his frozen, Northampton lonesome.

And the story? Let me put it this way, fans of Buffy, Strangers in Paradise, Runaways or any other comic mixing action with relationships should bow down to their new master. Warren perfectly balances the pin-up fun inherent to the cheesecake and spandex genre of super heroes, while still laying out the barest frailties, fears and foibles in soul of us all, whether human or super human.

Titillation, humor, action, pathos and understanding are mixed in perfect proportions inside every volume of Empowered, and with the latest volume on the shelves, it is a good day to be a fan of fun! Start with Volume one if you haven’t already, but fans who have waited since last year for more Adam Warren will NOT be disappointed.


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