Empowered Strikes Back!

WE INTERUPT OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED COLUMN FOR A BRIEF, FANTASTIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Adam Warren’s AMAZING good girl comic book, Empowered is back this week with volume 7! Forbidden Planet has copies of the previous volumes for folks to get caught up on, and we HIGHLY recommend that you do. Empowered is a Tootsie Pop of human behavior; On the surface it is the continuous adventures of a scantily clad super heroine who just wants to earn respect; though she finds herself perpetually abducted, disrobed, and tied to chairs. Below that teeth-rotting candy coating of distracting sugar is a deep, chocolaty center of frailty, insight, and nuance.

Good writing check! GREAT art, check! Incredible characters and hilarious humor? You KNOW that’s a check! Empowered Vol. 7 is out THIS week, with previous volumes available HERE at the Forbidden Planet! We now return you to your regularly scheduled column, already in progress-


-because I couldn’t reach the tweezers. NOW I’m stuck inside of an igloo with no means of escape, but at least I’m not dressed as a pretzel any longer. True story.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #39 drops this week, as does the Batman Annual, and while BOTH look great, only one re-introduces Mr. Freeze into the new 52 Universe. Buy them both to see which one.

I’ve been loving the new Nickelodeon “Avatar, the Legend of Korra” cartoon, but new adventures of my favorites from Avatar, The Last Airbender” are very welcome into my igloo! Dark Horse has volume 2 of Avatar, The Promise, which features Ang and Toph rescuing metal benders from rogue Fire Nation tribes on the brink of War!

Angel and Faith #10 also hits the shelves, and speaking of TV shows:

Channel Zero Complete Collection, Brian Wood with Becky Cloonan, Dark Horse

The Internet was a vey different beast in 1997, but that didn’t stop a prescient Brian Wood from publishing this brilliant black and white comic about freedom of speech in the face of oppression. In Channel Zero, a lone reporter broadcasts the truth online from behind the lines of a demilitarized New York City, documenting the struggle for American Liberty to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of our own self-destruction.

“Brilliant” and “ahead of its time” do not begin to describe Channel Zero. This was the Arab Spring, Occupy movements and “Don’t tase me, bro” predicted and fictionalized 15 years before they happen. WELL worth the read, and a must own for dystopia fans…both the imagined ones and the ones we currently live in.

I mean, not ME. I live in an igloo for the foreseeable future. If ONLY I could have grabbed those tweezers then the Walrus Men would have made me their king, not their prisoner!

Ah well. With great books like B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth Transformations #1, Batman Beyond Ultimate #4, Star Trek/Doctor Who Assimilation #1, Powers #10, and the Premier collected Kiss-Ass 2 on hand to keep me company, who cares if I die alone, frozen in an arctic wasteland?!

Probably no one…sigh.



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