Severed’s First Ever VHS Convention Saturday 5/19

VHS is alive all over!  Come out and support Severed’s first VHS Convention, an all day event as part of Severed’s 3rd Annual Short Film Night! Tons of like minded film fiends will be in attendance soaking up the analog insanity. As well as a bunch of cool vendors like Wild Eye Releasing, Lunchmeat Magazine and course if there is VHS there, Matt D and the Horror Boobs crew will be too.

May 19 (Sat.) 3:00 Severed Short Film Night The 1st ever VHS Convention. Come buy, sell, trade, and collect obscure horror and cult VHS. Uncover forgotten films not yet on DVD, revel in trashy, low budget directly to video masterpieces and meet other collectors and film junkies! Plus, the 3rd Annual Severed Sinema Short Film Night competition. Submission chosen will receive official selection status and have the chance to win the coveted audience choice award. Tickets $7

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