BOARDING HOUSE at the 92nd Street Y Tribeca

92 Y Tribeca, Junk Food Dinner, and Horrorboobs



at the 92nd Street Y Tribeca
May 11th, 9:30pm

In the ’80s, with affordable video cameras available, people realized they could make movies cheaply—just add friends and beer—and the video floodgates opened.

John Wintergate’s 1982 effort Boardinghouse was one of the first and, arguably, the best. Filled with bizarre effects work, a rolling synth soundtrack, clunky sex scenes and Wintergate himself in dual roles, the film’s 98 minutes stretch into an eternity of head-scratching and fruitless attempts to retrieve your jaw from the floor. For those viewers too squeamish to handle the high-contrast gore, Wintergate and crew implemented Horror Vision—a system of audio (pummeling synth sounds) and visual (a multi-colored background/black glove combo) clues to let them know to cover their eyes. 92YTribeca, Junk Food Dinner and Horror Boobs are proud to present this mess-terpiece in glorious 35mm.

Junk Food Dinner is a weekly podcast devoted to cult cinema. More information

Horror Boobs brings you the best in breasts from genre cinema. More information at:

Director: John Wintergate. 98 min. 1982. 35mm.

Ticket Price: $10

Member price: $6

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