Summer Kitbash Projects 1

And as always, I keep buying MSV kits without even thinking about it…

Really, to me, buying an MSV is something like getting an accessory pack. Sure, you need to do a lot of work on them, but my whole goal with picking one up is to make sure I get it, since you never know when they’re going to get reissued again. Of course, when it comes to these kind of projects, most of the kitbashing involved isn’t actually putting it together, but rather, staring at all the parts trying to figure out how it’s all going to work.

First I have the Desert Zaku, Double Zeta version. Turns out that what I initially heard about the kit was wrong, that it includes all the parts from the MSV Zaku Desert Type. It shares some parts, yes, but the only spare part is the set of shoulder spikes. Either way, this kit still has a lot of parts with it and can still be made into some kind of customized Desert Zaku. It even has two types of command antennas, one of which is like that on the old Zaku Desert Type.

What I’m still not sure about is what kit I want to use as a base. I’ve seen some people make a Zaku Desert Type with the Zaku F2, like the Zeonography figure. That’s a pretty cool idea, but I’m not sure it would work all that well using the Desert Zaku. What I’ll probably do is use the Garma’s Custom Zaku as the base kit, since it has the head vulcans, then take the Desert Type shoulder spikes and use those on an F2, with some scrap plastic and Gouf Custom parts I have lying around. We shall see.

The other one I bought is Johnny Ridden’s Gelgoog, one I’ve been after for years and years. I’ve always been a Johnny Ridden fan. There’s something about his black and red Gelgoog that I’ve found just so stylish. You can’t not dig it. Plus, it’s an easy kitbash since all you really need from this kit are the weapons and the backpack.

This kit is basically the same as the Gelgoog Cannon with the addition of another frame of parts including the weapons, head, and high mobility backpack. It’s the same basic concept as the ReGelg kit released during the ZZ line.

The weapons included are the regular Gelgoog beam rifle, the Dom’s giant bazooka, and the specialized small bazooka for this kit. I haven’t checked yet, but I hope these guns fit into the hands of the HGUC kit.

One thing I found peculiar were the decals: there aren’t many. It doesn’t even have the unicorn emblem Johnny is known for, just some weird lion emblem, which I guess must have something to do with the Chimera Corps? Thankfully, the decals for the High Mobility Zaku have the emblems I’d need to perfect this project.

While I’m not too sure when I’m going to get the Desert Zaku done, the Gelgoog is on the short list of kits for my summer projects. I just need to pick up an HGUC Gelgoog to get this one done. If you want to do your own, FPNYC actually carries this kit, which you can buy here!

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