MICROWAVE MASSACRE Midnight Saturday @ Spectacle

Saturday, May 5th / Midnight

Spectacle Theater 124 South 3rd Street. Williamsburg Brooklyn


dir. Wayne Berwick, 1983

76 mins, USA

Donald & May are a working class couple in Los Angeles. When May decides she want to try up their social status by getting gourmet in the kitchen, she purchases a humongous new microwave. Donald, content with bologna and not impressed by his wife’s poor attempts as haute cuisine, spends a lot of time complaining to his co-workers. One night in a drunken rage, he kills May. He stashes parts of her in the fridge and some in the microwave. A few days later, while looking for a midnight snack, Donald accidentally eats some of May’s hand. From there it’s a downward spiral of hooker murder and serving human flesh to his friends and co-workers. How long can Donald keep this up? Can his heart, and more importantly his stomach, take it?

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