Old Weekly Planet Articles

The Weekly Planet is a newsletter I started writing for the FPNYC shop some years ago.  It’s changed and mutated in a number of ways since its inception, but I no longer contribute to it weekly (I just don’t reserve the time for it these days… bizzy bizzy bizzy), though Unkiedev still lends his talents to it.

However, we will be uploading a whole bunch of old Weekly Planet articles to this blog over the next few weeks.  As of right now there are a handful of old articles up dating as far back as October of 2006, in one of which I called Casanova by Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba, and Fabio Moon so good it’d help old ladies with their groceries if it could.

So if you’re in a mood to turn back The Way-Back Machine about 7-8 years you can view all old WP articles under Weekly Planet Archive.

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