Back by “Popular” Demand!

by Chris Troy

It’s been awhile hasn’t it FPNYC faithful! I would have written sooner, but I had a trinity of things keeping me away from blogging as of late, as my ass was in Boston earlier for PAX East, Chicago over a week ago for C2E2 and then celebrated my 3rd year of marriage this past weekend with the Mrs. But I’m back for the foreseeable future, here to pimp out the newest toys and collectibles FPNYC has to offer. We’ve got a ton of stuff to cover, and not all of it’s Marvel related! Just of lot of it, because man, they have the Avengers’ license and that will be printing a lot of people some serious green.

After releasing some awesome Batman, Final Fantasy XIII-2 & Street Fighter IV figures earlier this year, Square Enix has decided to take a trip back to 1998 for their latest figure: Cyborg Ninja (formerly Gray Fox) from the legendary Playstation One classic “Metal Gear Solid.” It’s been a while since Ninja has gotten the plastic treatment (I think McFarlane toys was the first and only company to release a poseable/non-gasaphon Ninja) and man, Square went to town on this figure in terms of detailing and sculpt. Square definitely captures the robotic feel of Ninja, and the paint job for the figure is insane. As far as accessories go, Ninja is limited to only a katana and a railgun, which is kinda of lacking compared to other Play Arts Kai releases, especially since it also lacks variant hands. However, it’s still and amazing figure in its own right. Ninja isn’t the only MGS1 figure getting the Play Arts Kai treatment, as Solid Snake is due out any week, and Meryl should be out within a few weeks/month (Square really needs to clarify this). Ninja retails for about $60, which is the average price for the Kai figure, and is available now.

Regular readers will remember that a few weeks ago I was really excited to see Max Factory’s Guts Figma. Well Max Factory has released some new products that I honestly don’t care about, but are pretty popular staples of the anime community these days (I could use this to lead into a rant on why I’m don’t like 90% of most modern anime, but I’ll spare y’all). On the Nendoroid front we have Miku (Vocaloids) Append, which I believe is the 3rd version of the popular Vocaloid in Nendoroid form. (I could not tell you the difference from this one from the other two, aside that she has a different outfit on.) Meanwhile here in the states, I’ve yet to hear anything about a hologram Tupac figure. Also returning to shelves in a new Max Factory product is the Black Rock Shooter 2012 Figma, which I can tell you even less about, aside from the fact that her hoodie is up, and that she’s STRAPPED with crazy amounts of weapons. If you aren’t a jaded anime nerd like me and would like to purchase one or both of them, we have limited stock of both in right now, so you may want to come by to pick them up A.S.A.P.!

HAH, THOUGHT YOU’D GET OFF MARVEL FREE THIS WEEK? NO SUCH LUCK SUCKER! Anyway, it’s the Bishoujo X-23 statue, the latest addition to the Bishoujo MarvelĀ  line. Usually I love these things, but I take issue with Laura as her smiling face creeps me the hell out. I dunno, I prefer my X-23 stoic and/or angry. I’m just nit-picking though, as the actual product is quite good and is up to par with the quality seen in previous Bishoujo statues. X-23 goes for about $60, and is one of the better/affordable statues of the character on the market. And hey, she’s rocking the same outfit she worn in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 which means….something….to one of you I’m sure.

That’s all I got for today, expect me back soonish to speak of more Avengers toys and the new line of Marvel Legends figures!

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