Stock Alert- Charles Burns Echo Running Low

Cut Up Drawings Echo Charles BurnsA 36 page booklet by Charles Burns of process sketches drawn for his book Black Hole.  …Sketches of beautiful teenagers and pus-ridden mutations.  Fascinating for artists interested in process.  From the artist: “What is this? I took a bunch of pencil drawings from my comic Black Hole and taped them together and xeroxed them to make this book. When I “pencil” my comics I work in layers on sheets of tracing paper and build the drawings up by slowly refining and fixing them. Sometimes I get what I want in one or two tries, but that’s rare…”

Guts printed on an opaque natural paper, cover printed on translucent vellum stock. Hand-bound with black linen thread. All copies signed and numbered! Edition of 400.

We have VERY few of these left, and at that low a print-run I can easily say once they’re gone they’re gone with impunity.  Order yours online from Forbidden Planet NYC here or come by the shop and check it out SOON!

If you’re not familiar with Charles Burns’ work I highly recommend you get on that ASAP.  His Black Hole is one of the great masterpieces of graphic fiction.

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