Transformers Prime Arcee Review

I gotta be honest here, I really wish I was able to get all the first editions for Transformers Prime. For the most part, they all seemed better than the main release counterparts. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t show up in my area, and the ones that did left the shelves about as fast as they appeared. Thankfully, I had the NYCC two-pack of Bumblebee and Arcee, which covered those two. But unfortunately, Hasbro decided to roll out a main release Arcee, and you know what? I actually like her a bit more.

How about that.

Also, I think this is the first time I’ve covered a female Transformer here. Yay?

Arcee transforms into a very compact motorcycle. This mode is very nice, and it’s actually scaled to work with G.I. Joes! Well, rather, she WOULD work with G.I. Joes if she didn’t have so much extra junk on the sides. Damned kibble, always ruining cross-toyline play features!

You can also attach her weapons in this mode, but the look neither sensible nor insanely awesome (like Wheeljack’s stabcar mode). They just look stupid.

Arcee’s transformation is actually quite simple, not nearly as confusing as her First Edition counterpart. Everything folds out nicely, although separating her wheel halves can prove to be quite the annoyance.

Arcee’s robot mode has one thing that beats not just most of the mainline Prime toys, but also many of the first editions: It’s RIDICULOUSLY accurate. Yes, a lot of her transformation has been simplified and a lot of fake parts needed to be utilized, but overall, it’s a huge improvement. The only real issue I have with this mode is the gigantic backpack, but it gives her accurate wings, which kind of makes that point null.

The face sculpt here is fantastic as well. Yes, the Prime character designs look kind of weird with their lack of noses, but it’s gotta be hard to get the look right in plastic form. It’s done incredibly well here, and her eyes even have pupils! Great sculpting work there.

Articulation is great. Everything flows nicely and she even has the ball/swivel combination for her hips.

The weapons are… interesting. You get only one of her blades, and instead of a second blade, you get this… weird gigantic gun that can combine with it. I don’t like it very much. The large cannon just doesn’t suit Arcee and there really isn’t anywhere you can put it for storage.

I’m sure you’re wondering how she compares to the original Arcee mold. While she may blow the First Edition out of the water, the earlier one still has a few on her.

First and foremost, the First Edition has two blades, which is a definite plus, although they seem just a little bit too big. Second, the First Edition also has a double joint in the elbow, which allows for better arm posing. The FE is also bigger, but that’s actually a strike against her in my book, since Arcee should be the shortest of all the Autobots.

First Edition Arcee also has a more complex transformation, which unfortunately results in a less accurate robot mode. She does feel more substantial, though, but ultimately, the RiD version wins out.

Yes, I highly recommend the new Arcee even if you already own the First Edition. I’d dare say she’s my favorite Prime toy thus far, even if we have several ahead of us. You want one, come to FPNYC and get it!

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