The Hungover Games

By Chris Troy

There’s a bar  named “Bar None” near Forbidden Planet NYC that I like to frequent on a weekly basis. Since I’m going to be out of town the next 2 weeks due to PAX East/C2E2 related business, my friends I hit said bar last night, and as of writing, I’m super hungover as a result. So please do me a favor and blame any typos/grammatical errors on that, oppose to my usual stupidity. I did manage to stumble into FPNYC and picked up the new Warren Ellis penned “Secret Avengers” trade, as well as some mini-mates we’ll be looking at in a little bit though, so that was cool.

To the left is an image of the newest Bandai Figuart we have in stock. It’s the King of Heroes himself, Sky High from Tiger and Bunny, who is possibly my favorite character from the show, and is arguable the best SH Figuarts released to date. The  King of  Heroes is an awesome figure, and the sculptors captured the character’s great character design quite well. The color scheme looks good in PVC, and there’s a nice mixture of that, diecast and ABS parts to make the detail and designs pop out a lot. Sky High comes with so effects for his jet pack, and variant hands and retails for about $54. Worth the money if you’re a Tiger and Bunny fan, as he’s a huge step up from the previous Rock Bison release.

As I stated in the past, I’m a sucker for the Art Asylum/Diamond Select Minimate figures. We recently got in 2 sets that I’m highly amused by, do not taking up space at my work desk. There’s a 4 1/2 Deadpool Corp set, consisting of “our” Deadpool, the zombie Headpool, Lady Deadpool, Championpool and Kid Deadpool, which for some reason was not named “KiddiePool”. This set was a New York Comic Con exclusive, and is well worth the $20 it runs. Each ‘Pool that has a body come with 2 different swords and does a good job of showing off each of the Deadpool’s uniqueness, even with  sharing similar parts.  The other set I’m focusing one is the “Age of X” set, an quartet of alternate world X-men, consisting of Magneto, Gambit, Legacy (aka Rogue) and Basilisk (aka Cyclops). Art Aslyum managed to pack a ton of detailing into these tiny sculpts, and it show, as each of these figures look great. Much like the Deadpool set, it’s $20, but is not a NYCC exclusive, so it’s not AS rare. We actually have a ton of various Minimates 2 and 4 packs in stock, so it’s worth swinging by and seeing what else we have in stock.

Given the title of the article, it’s probably about time I mention we have some Hunger Game figures in-stock. I know very little of the books/movies, aside from the fact that the fanbase gets quite upset when you make Twilight/Battle Royale jokes/comparisons. There are 3 different 7″ inch figures in stock and they’re a step down from the quality usually seen from the NECA video game figures line. I imagine the targeted audience would be slightly more excited about these than I am. Either way, there about $17 a pop and given how well some of NECA past movie figures have sold, you may want to pick them up now, as Hunger Game mania is high. Now if you excuse me, I’ll off to go die in a dark corner somewhere.

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