It’s Berserk Time!

By Chris Troy

And we’re back FP Faithful, with possible the most bi-polar article to date! Today we’ll be looking at the plethora of awesome new merchandise we’ve received based on the hit Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time”, as well as a review of the newest Figma, Guts from the hyper-violent anime/manga “Berserk”! We’ll lead off with Guts first, as there’s less ground to cover, and because this is a sick-as-hell figure!

The “Berserk” franchise has been around forever, with Dark Horse comics releasing the manga for a few years, and got a 26 episode series from the early 2000s, which was a solid adaption for it’s time. We also got a decent selection of toys and video game back then as well, but not much has been released since 2002/2003. With a new series of movies hitting Japanese theaters this year, Max Factory has decided it was time to release some cool figures, WHICH I AM SOOOO OKAY WITH, as it’s a nice departure from the usual school girls that most of the series has consisted of. The Black Sword’s is EXTREMELY well sculpted, as the detailing on this figure is nuts. And it being a Figma means it’s fairly articulated as well, and it comes with a plethora of accessories to ensure certain familiar poses from the series can be recreated. Aside from the various joints and trademark Figma stand, Guts also comes with his famous massive sword “The Dragon Slayer”, and a variant cannon arm/wrist thingie. Guts’ cape is also removable to sheath his sword on his back. It’s retails for about $50, which makes sense considering all you’re getting. We have extremely limited quantities of the figure in, so if you want him, pick him up ASAP. Besides, by the time Figma Griffin comes out,  Guts will probably be impossible to fine.

Alright, so let’s move onto something a little more family-friendly. “Adventure Time” is one of those rare animated series that works on a time of levels, with a back-story that may or may not involve a nuclear war. I think it’s rad, and advise you to pick up the DVDs and the awesome ongoing comic series written by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics fame and published by Boom!. That being said, if you want something a little more collectible, Forbidden Planet and Jazware has you covered.

First there’s the Slamcows, a cool modern update of those old wrestling buddies from back in the day. You have your choice of the main characters, Jake the Dog and Flynn the Human,  and each 20″ plush  has 5 electronic sayings. They go for about $35-$40 each. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper and smaller, there’s a selection of 2″ 2-packs, featuring a few variants of Jake and Flynn, as well as supporting characters like the Ice King, Marceline the Vampire, and  MY personal favorite, Lumpy Space Princess. These go for less than $10 each.

If your looking for a cool role-playing (or cosplaying for at least several of our readers!) prop, we also have Finn’s 24″ sword, which is a fairly solid replica on the cheap.  That sells for about $30. We also have a variety of Adventure Time magnet sets, keychains, and shirts. The bottom line is that FP NYC has a ton of great Adventure Time stuff in stock, so if you want it, come get it!

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