New stock and the revenge of the shameless plug

FIRST SHAMELESS PLUG OF 2012!!: Hey FP Faithful, on April 15th, I’ll be out in Chicago at C2E2, speaking on a panel titled “Cosplay: What You Didn’t Want to Know and Didn’t Quite Ask”. I’ll be up there with my wife and friend Kenneth making an ass of myself and discussing costumed things, so if you’re in Chicago that weekend for the convention  and don’t want to hear J.M.S. talk about some comics he didn’t finish, come by and watch me make an ass of myself.

This week we’re gonna start off looking at 2 new Play Arts Kai figures we got in recently. The 1st would be the Joker figure I mentioned a few weeks back when I was looking at the P.A.K. Batman figure from the Arkham Asylum line.  Much like the Batman figure, the Joker is well sculpted and super articulated, especially when it comes to the detailing on his suit, as well as his facial expression and manic hair. In terms of accessories, the Joker comes with  a set of Wind-Up Joker teeth (this makes sense if you played the game), a gun, a variant closed left hand, as well as a variant right hand that can grip said gun. Much like the Bat, the Joker goes for about $60, and will make a great companion to the Batman and eventual Harley Quinn figure Square has/will put out.

On the more Final Fantasy side of things, we have Lighting as she appears in the recently released Final Fantasy 13-2. I haven’t played FF13-2, but this a dope figure, and I REALLY like the fact that Square has sculpted her hair in translucent plastic. Then again, the entire figure is well sculpted, as there’s some crazy detail in that armor, as well as that feather-half skirt she’s rocking. Accessory-wise, Lightning comes with a pair of variant hands, shield and sword(Really wish these figures came with stands still). She retails for $55 and will be joined by her sister Serrah in the coming months. We’ve actually sold out of this figure a few times this year, so if you want her and see her on our shelves, pick it up immediately!!

Filling the weekly comic book quota, we got a pair of new Marvel Legends figures in, which is odd, because I’ve only seen these 2 and not the entire second wave on shelves to date. Representing the overlooked cosmic Marvel line is Drax the Destroyer, rocking his modern, semi-God of Warish look, and the “Bucky-turned-Winter Solder-turned Bucky-Cap” Captain America. While Drax looks kind of small compared to his comic version, this is PROBABLY the only Drax figure I’ll see in my life-time, so I won’t complain (his knives should be bigger though). Bucky cap is okay, but his face-sculpt is a little off and those cuffs on his pants look odd. And personally, I wish they went with more of a metallic blue paint for his costume. At least Hasbro was nice enough to toss in a gun and a knife in addition to the trademark Captain America shield. In terms of build-a-figure parts, crazy evil mad scientist with head in his chest Arnim Zola is this wave’s figure, with Drax and Cap each come with his left and right legs respectively.

That’s all for this article, but I’ll be back in a day or two to focus on the plethora of Adventure Time merchandise we’ve gotten in recently, as well as a Figma I’ve been dying for. Til next time FPNYC faithful!

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