Friday. March 23rd: In-Store Signing!

Bruce Lee. Jim Morrison. Elvis Presley. Andy Kaufman. Tupac Shakur. All controversial cultural icons who died before their time. Or did they? These legends alive and well, part of Project Resurrection, a global crime-fighting unit that’s a cross between The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman and Celebrity Rehab. They’re the world’s most famous dead superstars – and they’re living super-spies! When a terroristic reality TV supervillain plans to extend his 15 minutes of fame by making a play for infamy via a Hollywood holocaust, the Comeback Kings must put aside their differences and reunite for an encore in order to stop him. The show must go on!

“Every bit as fun and absolutely mental as you’d imagine!”—ComixTribe

“Satirical, but don’t expect corniness. Word on the street: This book is a good read.” —The Source

The fact that it actually takes some time to develop these characters into something amore than parody or schlock is a surprise, but a welcome one… Jumping back and forth between provocation and restraint, I can’t believe I actually enjoyed this book. ”—Newsarama

“If you like high concept stuff that is as creative as it is unheard of, you won’t be disappointed.” — GeekGoggle Reviews

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