The one where Chris would much rather be playing Mass Effect 3

by Chris Troy

By the title, it’s obvious that I’m REALLY EXCITED that Mass Effect 3 is out, and I want to spend all my free time playing it, as it is quite rad. However, it’s best that I step away from the Xbox for awhile, as it’s old and I don’t want it red-ringing, exploding or some such. And if you feel my pain, or if one of those hardcore gamers who’ve already beaten the game, and  are looking for more from the universe, check out our the website, as well as the store. We got a number of  Mass Effect books in, be it the novel tie-ins, the graphic novel collection, and the official art book published by Dark Horse. It’s really good expanded universe stuff, and really worth your time if you haven’t already check it out.

Alright, so let’s get the ball rolling on some new arrivals we got in-stock currently. We got a bunch of new Batman related stuff in stock, so let’s start off with that. First up, the awesome new Square Enix Batman Arkham Asylum Play Arts Kai figure. Yes, Arkham Asylum, not City, which makes sense, as Square Enix published the game originally. That’s not to say that Arkham City figures by Square aren’t on their way as well, but it makes sense that Squenix wanted to start at the beginning. The Playarts Batman is fantastic, and far superior to the one DC Direct released last year, which seeing how it retails for about $55  and is twice it’s size, it better damn well be! Aside from a game-accurate sculpt and 30 somewhat points of articulation, this Batman also comes with a pair of variant hands, a variant cape for more action-ish posing, a line launcher and a signature Batarang. There’s a Play Arts Kai Joker on the way too, which I’m sure is something we’ll be looking at soon.

Next up is the 3rd wave of Batman Legacy figures. There’s new releases in terms of 2 packs and single figures, so let’s look at the single figures first. In this series there’s a first appearance Batman and Catwoman, as well as the Arkham City versions of Harley Quinn and Nightwing. I have to admit I find the 1st appearance figures a lot more appealing than the  Arkham ones. There’s something charming in their designs, and they happen to be dead-on recreations of the golden age of comics. Nightwing, on the other hand, looks WAY too scrawny/tall, and there’s better, although less articulated, Harley’s on the market. Despite my problems with them, the line still remains fairly solid as a whole, thanks to the latest 2-pack. A good Arkham City Robin/Joker was released not to long ago, but the new Batman/Catwoman set is the one you want. I’m 90% certain the Batman figure is a repaint with a few new parts, but it doesn’t matter, it’s a solid figure. The Catwoman figure is the real highlight though, with an excellent sculpt, great articulation and paintjob. It’s worth the extra money. And if you’re feeling a little artsy, there’s a all white version of the 2 pack available as well.  Either way, it’s a sold set worth owning if your a Bat-fan.

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