2012 Transformers Generations Waves

By Loran

It’s been no secret that Transformers: Classics was one of the best ideas ever. Transformers had never had direct updates to the original characters in the modern era, just repaints and homages. Classics was a line nobody ever saw coming and was a huge hit, spawning two offshoot lines. The latter of which is getting a continuation this summer to coincide with the release of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, the sequel to 2010’s hit game War for Cybertron. It’s likely that we’ll see more classics-based figures later on, but for now all we have are game figures, and for the most part, they look pretty good.

Wave one is going to consist of a new Optimus, Jazz, and SHOCKWAVE! Yes, Shockwave is finally getting a figure fit for our Classics shelves. Keep in mind, though, that we won’t be seeing these until about fall. It’s a shame we have to wait so long, but I guess it gives Hasbro plenty of time to get all the Robots in Disguise/Prime product on the shelves.

I’m kind of lukewarm on Optimus’ new design. I don’t really like it, and I don’t hate it. It makes sense as an upgrade to his design from the first game, as it looks more hardened and experienced, but on the other hand it just seems pointless. Still, it’s a nice looking toy I’ll probably pick up.

While I don’t really need a new Jazz after the fantastic Reveal the Shield release, Fall of Cybertron Jazz is FANTASTIC as well. I really wanted to see other carformers outside of Bumblebee in the first line, and Jazz fits the bill nicely. He looks great in both modes, and he’s probably my favorite of the first wave.

Jazz may be my favorite of the first three, but the must-have is Shockwave. Even with his silly gun plane mode, he looks awesome and ready to stand by Megatron’s side. I much would’ve preferred a Voyager-class figure, but this will do until he sees a proper Classics update… along with Soundwave.

But Hasbro’s got a bigger ace up their sleeve… one we expected after the success (ahaha yeah right) of Power Core Combiners: A full combiner team! Yes, Fall of Cybertron BRUTICUS is seeing a release in plastic form!

This is going to be Hasbro’s biggest combiner since Predaking, consisting entirely of deluxe-class figures. Yes, he’ll be a $60+ team, but it’ll be worth it… I hope. Let’s just say what we’ve seen so far leaves way too much to be desired. I just hope that he’s terribly mistransformed and that the pictures of the sample at Toyfair aren’t anything close to the final colors.

Each part actually looks pretty good, and even though I don’t like the combined product that much, I can safely say I’ll be buying him for each figure. I have to wonder what’s up with Vortex’s color scheme, though. Why is he tan? I understand that this isn’t G1 Bruticus, but when every other Combaticon is based on the original color scheme, it seems weird to leave one out.

Generations has been going strong, and I don’t see it dying out. Hopefully once the new game is done with, we’ll be seeing more Classics stuff again—I know these figures have my full support. Once they start hitting shelves in the fall, you can be sure to get yours at FPNYC!

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