Quick Review: X-Statix Omnibus

Peter Milligan Mike Allred X_statix omnibusI know it’s not exactly new, but it’s sort of new to me.  I was wondering how many other people picked up the recent omnibus edition of X-Statix…  I’m about halfway through this behemoth and it’s well worth the money and the time.

This is the perfect X-book for people who are bored of X-Men.  It’s plucked straight from my favorite era of X-Men comics, back when Morrison was blazing a trail with his fresh science-fiction-heavy run on New X-Men and editorial were trying hard to push books in innovative directions. Things were glorious for a brief, bright time – then that milk suddenly soured.  Originality waved a white flag and it was back to basics.

X-Statix (for those of you who don’t know) was less about mutants as outcasts and more about mutants as celebrities and media-darlings.  That may sound sort of unspeakable, but consider this; they are a team of people who aren’t fighting crime for good, or for evil, they’re fighting for fame.  They’re a bunch of self-centered narcissistic, backstabbing assholes who will do anything to get their faces on television, or their names in the gossip columns.  It’s like a glorious car crash you can’t look away from, being filmed by a small, amorphous green blob with eyes.  How can you resist?

I hear Jonathan Ross has an upcoming book exploring the idea of reality show contestants as superheroes, but that’s already happened.

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